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Mario · 2/6/2014

Was decent when it worked. I don't recommend buying this app.

Aida · 3/1/2013

Not working on 7.8

chepmaster · 10/6/2012

Unusable. I see all black screen. Probably because I use a white background phone theme?

Player920487236 · 10/4/2012

Used up huge amounts of data.

JustinBoxing · 9/17/2012

The live tile is decent, but the app itself is hideous looking.

Pradeep · 10/4/2013

Works great. Would be great if we can set it as lock screen image and show weather info on it.

Karina · 5/20/2013

Weather temperatures are really off but really like the 2 locations on the live tile

Kiel · 4/10/2013

Beautiful and utilitarian at the same time. Elegant and simple showing you maximum info without sacrificing beauty. My favorite weather app!

patrick · 3/24/2013

Interface is nice but can be better. Tiles and weather update need to be done automatically.

User · 1/30/2013

Medium live tile is the best. Wish the app had more to it, but I'm ok with it for tile info.


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Version notes

v3.1.2.0 - 6/15/2014 - Fixed app crash on resume. v3.1.1.1 - 6/12/2014 - Updated pivot header to smaller font. v3.1.1.0 - 6/11/2014 - Fixed bug deleting second location. - Fixed bug with using single location and having a backtile when using simple tile. v3.1.0.0 - 6/7/2014 - New Simple Tile, simply tap on Simple Tile in settings under the live tile pivot. This is a cleaner, larger font live tile with no other configuration. Of course this live tile is transparent as all Weather Smiles' tiles, so you can use it with your start screen backgrounds. v3.0.14.0 - 5/14/2014 - Fixed bug with location data not updating when replacing a city. v3.0.13.0 - 5/14/2014 - Fixed Highs/Lows showing incorrect data when using Celsius. Thanks Drew! - Fixed bug with city name updating when replacing a city. v3.0.12.0 - 5/13/2014 - Updated 3rd party libraries. - Minor adjustments. v3.0.11.0 - 4/12/2014 - Fixed bug when refreshing location and view does not update. v3.0.10.0 - 4/7/2014 - New Accent color theme. - Faster loading. - Modified new layout with forecast precipitation data - New system for storing/caching data - New animations for map and rename locations. - Modified Azraq theme - Degree symbol is back. - Bug fixes. v3.0 - 2/26/2014 - New simple and clean design. - New template system and two new themes, Azraq (blue) and Pink. - New weather data including Precipitation, Visibility, Pressure and Cloud Cover. - New weather forecast conditions and precipitation. - New map view when searching for location, can pick by tapping on pushpin on map. - Requesting data only when necessary and utillizing cache when possible to preserve data usage. - Code clean up, performance improvements and smaller foot print.