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Jonathan · 8/19/2015
Works all the time

PC and Phone, it works. Sparks is great! Live tile is okay, but I think wide should show more info.

Justin · 8/11/2015
Need to work on sync

Like some other reviews read, they need to seriously work on the sync of data. I have the app on iPhone and iPad and it is always current while this Windows version is always behind and in accurate with the forecast and current weather info. The only thing that's accurate at the same time are the radars.

Daryl · 8/24/2015
Works well

Everything works fine. I like how Weatherbug makes it simple and easy to read all the relevant information.

Stephen · 8/20/2015
Forecast is all wrong

It's been like this for months. I use my zip code & the current conditions reflect what's going on. Matches with weatherbug.com. I go to forecast and it's completely wrong, like it's looking at the wrong zip code. WeatherBug.com is correct. IE the website says it's raining (and it is) but the app says sunny. Temps are different. Haven't found any pattern to where it's getting it's forecast from.

Jessica · 8/11/2015
Wont Open

I love this app for my phone when it works but I just got Windows 10 and it works when you first download it, then after a few hours it closes itself and wont open. I have reinstalled this app three times now and is still doing the same thing. Please fix!

Scott · 8/10/2015
Fairly Accurate forcast

Easy to use and fairly accurate orcasts.

Reviewer 2723 · 7/21/2015

Looks good but rarely syncs. Temps weather and forecast can be as much as 24 hours old. No (obvious) way to force resync or set sync frequency.

Carol · 6/28/2015

having trouble not working well since I updated to 8.1 help It is taking a LONG time to boot up or open or not at all. All I see is Blue backgroung and weather bug logo

j · 8/15/2015
why no sparks?

win phone 8.1 has the sparks (real time lightning strike report) sub-app...why it is missing from the win 8.1 desk/lap top version?

W. Mark · 8/5/2015
Functional? NO

Most of the graphic functions are useless... as in don't do a thing. Predictions for the day (E.G. 80% rain chance) don't bear up in the hourly data (which shows no rain chance at all). More bugs than you can spray with a large can of Raid!



  • Global Weather – View detailed weather information for neighborhood and global points through instant access to a global weather network of 50,000 locations
  • Live Tiles – Rich live weather image tiles provide at-a-glance weather updates of your favorite location, right from your desktop home screen
  • My Alert Center – Stay informed of the severe weather impacting your life and keep yourself and those you care about out of harms way
  • Custom Notifications – Should you bring an umbrella? With one touch, get personal alerts on the weather conditions you care about
  • Pinpoint Forecasts – Access to the industry’s most accurate neighborhood and global weather forecast information for any location at a given point in time
  • Dynamic Weather Backgrounds – Application background changes according to the weather for your saved locations
  • Interactive Maps – Live weather maps with 7 different configurable overlays and pinch and zoom functionality
  • International Language Support – Get your weather in the language of your choice! WeatherBug for Windows 8 is available in 25 popular languages for your convenience.

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