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Nikolas · 7/27/2015

Fantastic app! It's accurate, easy to navigate and provides consistent updates based on my location.

jp · 7/23/2015

I am a tower climber everyday everywhere every hieght! I've not found a better more accurate app that can sync instantly to my location remote or metro, and give me EVERY bit of info I need for enduring the elements! Spark is the perfect partner for me when I'm several hundreds of feet in the sky on a steel structure... A LIGHTNING MAGNET! LOL 😁 the radar I virtually on point and the hour to hour truly identifies the bare naked minutes I may have before I need to climb down! I recommend this app and any others to come in the future via weather bug! #towerlife4life

John · 7/31/2015

Suddenly stopped displaying NOAA Storm Alerts two weeks ago. What is the point of a weather app that won't warn you a tornado is coming? The lightning detector is useful, but no warnings is not.

Rich · 7/23/2015

Overall a very nice weather app. It has ads but they're not too obtrusive. One thing I don't care for is the flipside of the live tile. It's only a photo and nothing else. It should display the daily forecast like the MSN app, or a least the option to disable the tile flip.

Harry · 7/25/2015

Best app for weather and lightning updates would be give stars except it has my location off by about five miles which makes me have to calculate how close the lightning really is otherwise I love it

Max · 7/24/2015

The best of all. I have tried all of the top weather apps available. For 5 stars needs push notifications for NWS alerts and paid version without adds. Also the live tile needs some improvement. Photo on tile looks cheesy. How about daily forecast instead. And transparent tile would be nice.

JW · 7/20/2015

Nice program, definitely three best weather app. but once in a while it can be a bit buggy, no pun...

Khris-san · 7/20/2015

Listen I've been using this app for a couple of years and it is one of the most accurate, relatable, and impressive apps of all time. If you wanna knw how hot it really is outside go on weather bug instead of yur local new station. This is forreal. Can't stress it enough, there update is phenomenal and all based on yur location. Oh its 85 but feels like 80? Yes I wanna weather app that knws that! All based on there detailed analysis. Check it out u wont regret it. I check everyday and no I dnt work for them but I should cx lol love this app!

tom · 7/31/2015
Excellent App

Accurate and easy to read and navigate.

jan · 7/16/2015

Love this app!! Especially easy to use.