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James · 6/20/2013

A real bummer! I purchased this app from the Microsoft app store. It shows me nothing but the Japanese language and does not recognize the English. I am running windows 8 on a dell inspiron non touch screen. hne338@gmail.com

Ben · 4/6/2013
Lack of content

I don't get it. This costs $2? It has a clean look but there are no maps! Not only that, but it won't let me add other cities. I would not have but such a silly app if I could have tried it first.

Mike · 1/16/2013
Nothing special.

I was always mystified by people's ratings of this app on Windows Phone, and I'm even more mystified by some high ratings for this version. I've never found the UI attractive and the W8 version is no exception; don't even get me started on the features, because I would simply say, "What features?"

Ty · 10/26/2012
no live tile?

For some reason the live tile is a no-go. I love this app for Windows Phone, so I hope the live tile gets fixed soon.

Nate · 8/7/2014
Amazing Windows Phone App; Windows Store, not so..

I bought this app because the Windows Phone version is just fantastic. Hands down, my favorite weather app on the platform. The only thing wrong with this app on Windows is that the live tile often gets stuck. Not sure if this is user error or programmer error, but its mildly frustrating to have a live tile pushing days old data at you. The app is simple and clean, works well in snapped views, and generally works very well. The live tile issue is holding it back from being a full four star app; and the lack of consistency between windows and windows phone versions hold its back from being a five star app.

Anthony · 7/13/2014
Almost there

Love the graphics, love the font...looks great overall. Needs better forecasting information, radar and satellite images, and needs weather alerts big time!

Brodrick · 5/10/2014

Love this app, but please let me enable the extra large tile.

Sami · 3/4/2014

this is really sad.. its a beautiful and generally smooth app, but the live tile does not work; it never updates unless i open the app, which really defeats the purpose. this app is so wonderful on wp8, really wish it'd receive some love here to bring it on-par.. i've waited for months assuming an update would be on its way to fix it, but no.. while it has a nice design and i appreciate the customization options, i'd recommend the default bing weather one given its reliability.

Jason · 1/6/2014
Awesome live tile

I love the live tile. It's customizable and beautiful. I'm taking off two stars, one for no portrait orientation, which is important to me on my Dell Venue 8 Pro, and the other is that it hasn't updated to support the new features in Windows 8.1 yet.

Kent · 10/11/2013
Beautiful app, but live tile has issues

I have this app on my Windows phone and my Surface RT. It works great on WP, but the tile doesn't update on my RT except for one or twice a week.



  • Location based weather forecast
  • Beautiful designed animations
  • Live tiles with weather info

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New in v1.2: • New, customizable HD live tiles with beautiful images • Support for 11 new languages

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