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Oliver · 3/26/2015

This used to be my go to news app. But, as per other recent reviews, sometimes something's gone wrong. The app now crashes at startup, following selection of favourite news topics, and is no longer functional.

Jason · 3/17/2015

This app is great...when it's working. Sadly, it's not been working too well as of late. Will not connect to the internet, shuts down. Reinstall did not solve the problem...and now the app will not start. Too bad...I really liked this app. :(

G · 3/17/2015

App quit working (again) saying no internet connection found. Funny it says that but is updating the tile picture constantly! Used to be good but now they just ignore it.

Paul L · 6/12/2015

This app, previously worked fantastic, as of the most recent update, there has been numerous issues, started from crashing, to not being able to connect, claims internet connection, then it fully reset told me to reinstall and now can't get it to work at all.

Pete · 4/4/2015

Was my favorite news reader. Used it multiple times a day. Now it is completely dead. Does not work at all. Please fix asap.

Chris · 4/3/2015

Was the best news reader. Wish they was still supporting it.

Nihar · 3/19/2015

Missing you so much :( Used to be the most used app on mah phone. All the best :)

Jeremiah · 3/16/2015

Between the feed not updating and no transparent tile option, it's time to move onto something else. And they want $10 for the paid version? What a laugh. Good riddance.

William · 3/12/2015

I sure wish Microsoft was smart enough to buy this app and keep it running. Best news reader EVER!!!!

Josh · 3/12/2015

I've been using this app multiple times per day since I got WP in 2012. Great, stable app. Sorry to see it leave the store!



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3/17/2014 **New feature:** save full articles to OneNote! Once an article is open, tap/click the OneNote button to save a copy of the article to OneNote from Weave 1/11/2014 * Fixed a bug that would crash the app on startup under certain conditions 12/10/2013 * Added collapsible categories * Added "mark all read" * Added option to switch between mobilizer or web view of articles that support it * Added toggle to switch the position the article in the center of the screen or the right * Ads have been added * Various fixes 10/14/2013 * New nighttime reading theme for article view * You can now edit a source's name/mobilization options * Back button (close article) now displayed when in article view * Drop shadows on "hero" text * When using Weave on a desktop or laptop, article is centered horizontally on screen * Various fixes 10/2/2013 * Fixed a bug with syncing multiple login options

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