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Patrick · 12/13/2014


Frank · 6/10/2014

Keeps crashing and I have to reinstall it. It has been doing it for a couple of weeks. I have sent the error to the developer and heard nothing.

John · 6/7/2014

Latest update has broken the app on WP 8.1 via Lumia 1020

User · 5/26/2014

Can't get it to work. No clue what user name password to submit. Sent an email, no response. Should be 0 stars

chris · 11/2/2013

Sure miss the old app...

Tim · 10/31/2013

It's just okay. The UI is clunky and it's hard to use the dial to adjust the temp. I find myself trying multiple times to get it set before giving up and physically changing it at the dial. Sadly it's the only option so I'm stuck using it.

Adam · 4/4/2015

Only app out of 3 offered for Windows phones that works with my Lumia 635. The other two need phones with 2-finger touch capability that the 635 misses. THANK YOU developer for building this according to KEEPITSIMPLESTUPID!! AAAA+

Jessica · 11/12/2014

Appreciate the developer creating their own interface, but I don't find it intuitive at all to control. For me, it would be very nice if it were more similar to the actual Nest controls.

Ross · 9/18/2014

Been using this app for awhile and just wish the login issues were addressed. The app will start crashing until you logout and login again, which is pretty annoying.

Douglas · 7/20/2014

Works well for adjusting the temperature (and as the only Nest app for Windows Phone, I'm really glad to have it!), but it would be nice to have access to more info that the iOS and Android apps provide, like energy reports and scheduling.


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Update 1.0.5275.1454: Additional agent changes Version mismatch Update 1.0.5267.2674: Schedule Agent/Live Tile changes Update 1.0.5129.2631: Fix livetile not updating to default thermostat Fix empty location issue Fix thermostat with no label issue Fix "Where is this Thermostat" issue Fix thermostat name scaling Update 1.0.5111.4019: Change logout on exception to be less frequent Add Humidity icon Add Fan status icon Change power save (leaf) icon to a light bulb Update 1.0.5062.3846: Fix issue with special characters in password Change default control scheme to MinusPlus Agent crash issues Update 1.0.5030.1998: Fixed Celsius crash bug Fixed Celsius rounding issue Fixed Duty-Cycle crash bug Added two new control scheme: -+ and List (accessible from Application Settings Menu) Added ability to email error report