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Lyan · 8/25/2015

Good app and, in general, equivalent in features with other platforms, which is always nice. But the latest update brings back a HUGE problem that makes whatsapp web have trouble finding the phone all the time. This was the case in the early days of whatsapp web but had since been fixed. Now it's back. I have to either leave my phone screen on at all times when using whatsapp web (draining battery) or unlock my phone every time whatsapp web complains that my phone is not connected, which is every 30s. Please fix this otherwise fantastic, essential app.

Sumaiya · 8/24/2015

Right now its my most favorite app for chatting and voice calls.but notification come late or no notifications at all.and please add some more backgrounds!I'm bored with those backgrounds!please fix!otherwise its a good app.

Anil · 8/22/2015
UNIVERSAL App for Windows 10 plz So we can use it on PC

- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! make it an universal app on Windows 10, with (optional)password support, so that we can also reply back from PC,you can charge twice for that if you want but it's really important for us. It's really incontinent for us to switch back & forth or keep phone data open always. - Seems a little slow on phone and really outdated interface on windows 10 mobile, Users can use a little new interface once in a while. - Though its in beta stages but support for windows 10, like quick replies, new design elements. making app universal will be a huge help 😊😊😊

Amogh · 8/23/2015

What is this with the new update.. The size of the chat box/rectangle increased.. It's always like whenever you guys provide something good.. You take away the good things in the previous updates.. Like the layout.. Which i liked the most of this windows phone.. It just changed or the size has just increased.. Now we cant see as much as we used to in the previous version.. Changing the text size do not make it smaller like before.. But only makes it larger.. And the emoji thing.. All have gone yellow.. Will have to change it for everytime....

Akang · 8/24/2015

Better experience after the latest update. Nice job. Could you please add picture preview for messages containing links with pictures in it?

Vivek · 8/20/2015

Works like a charm! This must be the best update ever! The only changes I can further think of are: 1. Different colored "text boxes" for different people on a group. 2. When someone sends multiple messages at a time, the app should merge them all under the sender as one, like iOS... Great update overall!

Pardeep · 8/20/2015
thanks for all latest updates, but needs app for w10

Provide app for windows10 pc with pin lock and on phone provide option to select multiple messages for forwarding or copy.

Fardeen · 8/21/2015

It's awsome but has to have a dictionary of people who we know like skype

maria · 8/20/2015

This update is very nice . Add default WhatsApp lock within app itself like uc browser... This is a very simple work for you guys .. Think over it.... WhatsApp wil rock always 👍

Kevin · 8/26/2015

Still waiting for this: 1) Add WhatsApp icon when I open the app (the screen black or white and the word "loading" it's awful). 2) Add background pages (chats, calls, favorites & all). 3) Separate individual chat for the groups chat. 4) Add new emojis (like ".l.") 5) Green banner on the top of the app (like other versions on the other mobile platforms).


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• Per chat custom notification settings and mute • Mark chats as unread or read • Added several new emoji. You can also tap and hold on some emoji to choose a different color. • You can select multiple messages in a chat and forward or delete them (Windows Phone 8+) • When you receive a contact card, you can now quickly message or save the contact if they're on WhatsApp • Lower the data usage used during WhatsApp calls in Settings > Chats and Calls (Windows Phone 8+) • You can now enable or disable sound and vibrate for in-app notifications • Choose a ringtone for WhatsApp calls (Windows Phone 8+)