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Joe · 3/23/2015

Orders were wrong, they say the don't get the notes at the store...

Justin · 3/11/2015

Excellent for ordering a head of time. Only bad thing it has some items that are no longer offered in my area anymore.

Ronald · 11/18/2013

Nice app if you have the Crave

Brandon · 6/6/2013

Awesomeness! Thanks for not overlooking windows phone.

Jason · 7/28/2013

JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY! Oh, that's right, you did... and it was delicious.

ME · 12/1/2012

Boss! Never again shall I be searching for the nearest White Castle, I can just open the app and order right away...my Crave shall be sated. =)

Ingreyd · 3/12/2012

Saves time at lunch, order and then collect.

jmatthewmckee · 5/7/2012

I haven't actually used the app to order yet so I'm gonna give it 4 stars. Big thumbs up for not overlooking windows phone. Two suggestions so far: change the publisher name to white castle. People may be more inclined to use the app if they knew its an official app and not a third party app. Second suggestion is please update the app to metro UI. Thanks!

msbrandon924 · 5/9/2012

Love Castles. Even though now I live in MD, when I go home to NJ it's the first thing I do get me some Castles! Will be going home soon, so i'll give the app a try b/4 i get to my mom's.

ToknBlak · 4/1/2012

Works perfectly. My food was ready as promised. No excuses. If they can't read your order and get it right, there's no hope for this country.


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