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Neil · 8/28/2015

Works pretty well to get calls and make calls when out of coverage area.

Anibal · 6/9/2015

Good app,but needs more improvement. Sometimes drops calls.

Derik · 3/9/2015

Not bad, but it has its bugs. Namely I will receive duplicated SMS messages when on Wi-Fi calling, and I cannot stop that. Fix that please and then I can bump up your rating! Works great otherwise for me, but that gets annoying.

Michael · 3/6/2015

Calls sound great when working. But keeps dropping calls. Not reliable enough to use. Set to prefer cellular so will only use when no cell signal is available. Wish it would transfer calls to and from network. Can't walk away from Wi-Fi source while on a call. Definitely a beta feature!!!! Installed TM cell booster in the house and can now get strong signal in the basement. Something I'd hoped Wi-Fi calling would do.

Abhijit · 2/15/2015

Not the best app. If I set it to cellular preferred, the phone goes it off coverage and still does not switch to Wi-Fi. Makes me miss calls. If I set it to Wi-Fi preferred my battery drains in about 6 hours. Tmobile fix your app and fix your network coverage.

Daneilia · 1/27/2015

Definitely a feature you all should keep! The most useful app I've found, especially while traveling abroad. Even at home it's a great way to reduce data use

Pushkar · 1/20/2015

Works perfect for me. I really wish you could install this as a standalone app. But it does what it is supposed to.

Linda · 12/17/2014

If you have WiFi calling on it will not since with Wi-Fi and let you receive text messages. If I was connected to this app while Wi-Fi was on no messages would come throw. So its a horrible app! Do not install or use

Josh · 12/7/2014

Updated: The app is now working with Windows Phone 8.1 v8.10.14219.341 on the Nokia Lumia 925.

Matthew · 12/7/2014

So far its working well on Windows 8.1 with the Lumia 521. I love it the app so far, really comes in handy.


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