• Wi-Fi hotspot for free !
  • Deep explanation of each and every step !
  • Good looking GUI !
  • Clear understanding !

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jim · 9/28/2014


Thomas · 9/3/2013
won't download

This isn't downloading

Reviewer 2936 · 7/23/2015

i have started using the hotspot and it's so great.

Jhon · 4/21/2014

it such a useful app. :) Thanks for the creator. :)

Felipe · 4/19/2014
a bunch of pictures

it is not an app. just a bunch of pictures with instructions. it works, but you have lots of steps to do

Gonzie · 2/25/2014

Goes step by step, easy to install. Simply thank you.

Frank · 8/12/2013
An "app"?

You call this an app? It's just a set of screenshots and directions. The same task could be achieved using a website, which would actually be much easier than using this and switching windows constantly to change between seeing the instructions and performing the functions. Also, the ads on the right side of the "app" are overlaying most of the "page" change button so it's easy to accidentally click on the add instead of changing to the next page.

Rhamel · 7/6/2013
Great Walk-Through But The New Network is Slow

I created the wifi hotspot due to the help of the very helpful and detailed but the internet connection of the hotspot is slow, My regular WiFi network is fine but when I connect a device to the newly created hotspot it's so slow it can't even load a basic google homepage. Any pointers anyone?

William · 6/16/2013
Works as advertised!

Very excited that when I finally got through the 5 very detailed steps I had my very own hotspot. It's been difficult to find a good solution for a hotspot on Windows 8, but this app helped me solve that problem. Many thanks to the developer. Note: Seems to support only 1 device at a time.

Edgar · 6/14/2013
Great JOB!!

Great APP helps great!!! The Only Issue is that you have keep opening promp to used it again

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