• Read article in a different language
  • System search integration
  • "Share" articles to other applications
  • Pin articles to read later

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Release 12: * Fix for crashing bug in 'on this day' list Release 11: * Fix for crashing bug in featured article list Release 10: * Fix for backspace in search Release 9: * New search input for Windows 8.1 Release 8: * fixes for intermittent crashes * HTTP support in Chinese locale Release 7: * localization updates * fix for crash on 'Read in' when no languages available * HTML security improvements * find bar fixes * share of selected text now includes HTML Release 6: * fix for locale initialization -- now defaults to system language * keyboard focus for scrolling * selected text may be shared out * square off tile images on hub * smart aspect ratio detection for featured image Release 5: * Search Wikipedia by sharing selected text from other apps like IE * Search by typing * Added "Find in Article" * Fixed activation bugs * high-resolution tile icons * bug fixes Release 4: * Added privacy policy link under settings/about * Dropped currently unused location permission * Fix for crashing bug on launch Release 3: * Fix for cut-off text in articles * Can switch language on hub * List recently changes articles on hub * History popup list * Initial localization support * Added GPL license info * Fixes for snapped view * Network connection errors detected * Pinning disabled on hub (used to crash)

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Reviewer 7118 · 6/2/2015
Works great. Development team is ON it.

Outstanding work, Wikimedia. I know crashes can sometimes be hard to fix. The app starts and runs perfectly. Very easy to use, and actually is more enjoyable to use than the web site for basic reading of articles.

Reviewer 5494 · 5/26/2015
No longer works as of last week

Used to be ok, but app no longer loads. As soon as it tries to retrieve pictures, it crashes, both on Win RT and Win 8.1.

T.L. · 4/28/2015
The app vs. the web site

At present, I'm not too happy. First I entered the web site for Wikipedia from a highlighted word in the article I was reading, and the site had a message that to enter I had to have the ap. Why? If it is free, how does it matter how I enter? And why did I immediately receive a notice to enter a way to pay -it's free! Then as I read the reviews others had posted I hit yes where it asked 'was this helpful' and instead of it registering the 'yes' I picked, it registered a 'no'. So far, I am not impressed with this app; I went ahead and gave it three stars because in general I have liked what I got from the web site. Those stars can change up or down pretty quickly, so please, Wikipedia, make the fixes......

Iftikhar · 7/27/2015
Isn't it time to edit the description?

In case you didn't notice, this isn't Windows 8.1. Change the description to Windows 10, please!!!

Reviewer 6003 · 5/29/2015

from start I hit the App Icon , it goes to the site and then goes back to the start screen windows 8 CRASHES!!!

Reviewer 7993 · 4/11/2015

It has some amazing leads. Despite negative comments, I have found most of their info. to be right on. PALJ

Trigeminy6 · 3/15/2015

always always always answers something at anytime anywhere. this versatile site with its many apps and formats can present the data in raw forms for research and in refined end user forms for reading. I am a user almost from the beginning. the accuracy is no issue. it is a highly accurate knowledge base. surely, when I think of the antiquated term *librarian* I now think of Wikipedia. as a scholar and a scientist and clinician *you can't get better than this* ! I reference to it on a daily and weekly basis, including to my students and residents and colleagues.

Reviewer 8304 · 4/20/2015
Minor improvement?

Please develop a black background/white text option for power saving on mobile and tablet! If it exists I cannot find it in settings.

Juan · 3/21/2015
Lacking language options

Basic Wikipedia App with all the needed info. It needs an option to change the language of the articles that doesn't depend on the system language.

David · 3/7/2015
I was expecting more

The layout is really well done. I don't see too many advantages over JUST using a browser. I was really disappointed with the readability that the app has. Some features I would like to see are: True full screen (the app displays across half my display) A Zoom feature/ /large print mode

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