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Justin · 2/26/2014

There's a huge bar on top of the screen that doesn't go away. Bing aerial is blurrier than Bing on internet explorer. It can either take up the whole screen... or a quarter (in which you can't see anything) it does not scrunch into a half screen. And worst of all (I don't know if this is supposed to happen with bing, but I know it doesn't happen in google) When you zoom past a certain point, green becomes the only color you can see. The map almost inverts its colors and instantly loses its vibrancy. Colorado dirt is brown or red. Not white. But that's been happening to me on most platforms I use Bing on, so not the developers fault. (I have seen a map that doesn't lose vibrancy on VituralGlobeTrotters.com. Bing doesn't like to find things that would make it look bad so Google this: Bing Maps discoloration. and it should pop up saying something like "no longer there"

Ahmed · 1/13/2013

Thank you for this good app and keep up the good work, I think it will be nice if you could save map parameters when navigating between pages.

Sudhanthira · 1/4/2013
One great app for map lovers!

The app is pretty cool and useful to identify places and directions between locations. Experimenting with maps is ultimately easy with Win Maps, and highly recommended.

B · 4/7/2014
Not Very Useful For Me

Very confusing, for me. Looks like you can set only a beginning and ending point for a route, and no stops in between. I tried to search for points of interest at a location, but the app told me I had to allow access to my location in Settings. I went to setting , and it told me to change my location or access settings in PC Settings. I went to PC Settings and tried to allow the computer, and this app, to access my location settings, but I was frozen out of being able to change the on/off toggle to "on." This took a considerable amount of time, hunting-and-pecking. I didn't play around with it any more. It needs a lot of work, in my opinion.

Chad · 11/2/2013
POI not useful

POI feature only returns about 20% hits. It also produces useless hits like a water bottling plant for a search on cafés. There's also no way to set a searchable radius, from what I can tell. If you do find something its rather tedious to get directions.

Anna · 2/16/2013
my location

My location is still wrong and I changed the time zone. What else do I need to do to fix it. It's way off!

Allaya · 1/3/2013
Not bad

I like it, just needs to be a bit faster in finding directions and the icons need to be a brighter color or maybe larger because they kind of fade into the map.

Sven · 1/8/2013
Nice idea, but poorly implemented

The app only works if you grant it access to your location, but once it has your location it refuses to focus on any area significantly outside (more than 100 miles) your current location.

Ron · 7/4/2013

Looking for a driving direction app

Nikola · 1/5/2013
Very good aplication

Thank you very much for this application it works flawlessly.



  • Map View: Using 'Map view' you can able to change the Map type into road, ariel and bird eye.
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out
  • Where am i: Get your current location within a single click
  • Get Direction : Get the direction from one place to another very efficiently with the distance in kmph.
  • Search Location: Easy to find a location with search auto complete suggestion
  • Point of Interest: To find nearby interest places easily in a single click. ex: Restaurant, ATM etc.,

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