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Reviewer 8891 · 8/9/2015
all app issues

I don't known what the hell Microsoft is doing because apps not being installed and its always issues with brand new products with these people. What the sense in buying something when its always something wrong with it always.

Reviewer 1626 · 4/21/2015


test · 8/20/2014


Elliot · 11/2/2013
got it but can't use it

downloaded this app but even though it says I own it, when I click on the tile, it spins and then goes back to the tile home page....the same happens with almost every other app I've gotten from the windows store...

S · 7/14/2013
windows 8 cheat keys

good, but how can you make a copy. Windows 8 is still not as good as windows 7. How can I get back to the screen version like windows 7? I had it but it changed back to the 8 screen and I lost several programs I had added. You should offer a FREE windows 7 to anyone who has windows 8 pre installed on their computer.

Steve · 12/26/2012
The live tile is dead

The live tile is not live. It has stayed on the same tile since I downloaded it and it and will not move. Without this functionality, I spend extra time having to go to the app.

Reviewer 5485 · 1/19/2015
It's ok but...

I new most of the short cuts and the ones that I didn't know were not helpful for me.

Rebecca · 9/7/2014
Makes using Windows 8 so much easier

This app is chalk full of helpful tips. Definitely a must for any new user!

Curtis · 8/17/2014
I was there...almost

I grew up learning fun shortcut keys so I love using them. Many of these are new to me, but I actually figured a few out on my own! If you just got a new 8.1 PC and never used the OS before. This app is awesome!

Martha · 7/20/2014
Spot On

This app does what it says it does. It is an useful app. This is nice to have.



  • Learn Windows 8 shortcut keys, gestures, and features.
  • Get notified of several tips daily to help build your repertoire, productivity, and, of course, impress your friends.
  • Supports Sharing. Share tips with friends by e-mail, social media, and more.
  • Search for tips within the app or from Windows.
  • Toast notifications let you know when new shortcuts or tips are available.
  • Live tile updates display new shortcut keys and tips on your Start screen.

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Fixed typo in app description.

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