• Live Tile functionality for Application Tile in Square and Wide format
  • App Bar commands presented programatically at the convenient moment
  • Complaint database and services powered by the wonders of Windows Azure Mobile Services
  • Integrated Windows 8 look and feel by using the Animation Library suite animations
  • Metered Connection detection & support for a low bandwidth mode to respect the user and prevent unexpected or excessive data charges on roaming, fixed, and variable cost data plans
  • re Contract, Source for sending Complaints to any Share enabled app
  • PlayTo Contract, Source enables app audio voiceover to be sent to any DLNA speakers on the network through the Devices charm
  • Fixed Layout scales beautifully from 10" Tablets to 27" and larger displays with the viewbox control

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Charles · 6/13/2013
Definitely better...

Definitely better than throwing my laptop out the window. :P Could do without the sound, but other than that I have no problem with the app. Sometimes ya just need to let out your frustrations and this is as good a way to do it than any.

IT · 12/13/2012
Worst app on Win8

Design is terrible, will automatically read the text you are hovering over which is the most annoying "feature" I have ever seen. Here is an idea, instead of being a hater, spend some time improving your own work. #justsayin

Andre · 12/13/2012
ignorant and useless, wish I could give no stars

I think this app was created to simply give people a outlet. Since 99% of the complaints are completely ignorant and could be solve if people actually used Win8 for more than 5 minutes before they complained.

Roger · 2/10/2014

Windows 8 or 8.1 is no way user friendly! Can't put apps icon on taskbar!

Douglas · 11/13/2013
What a waste

Really? Someone spent time making an app so people who are clueless can complain about an OS that they have no idea how to use? I agree with other comments here that the people complaining simply don't know what they are doing and refuse to learn. Uninstalling now.

Jonah · 1/9/2014

Love this

uttam · 10/21/2013
start buttom

it is very difficult without start bottam

Allan · 8/4/2013
Really bad

You can't even comment or rate a "complain" that mostly are users posting stupid hate or things that are very easy to do and did not know how to do.

Ashley · 1/2/2014

what's the point of this??

Steven · 5/18/2013

great app