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Joshua · 8/17/2015
Great, but no font customization

This is a great app, but needs ability to change size of font. Also, they used to improve and update it frequently. I haven't seen/heard of and updates or plans for years. I am a paid WC WP8.1 app user and also asked via their contact us about future development plans. They have not responded. Still, this is a great app.

Nitish · 8/17/2015
It's now too old

Being one of the biggest (possibly even the biggest) source of Microsoft related news and updates around the world, this app receives very little, close to no support. the website keeps getting regular updates, but this app is now quite obsolete and clunky. it cant even show things as simple as hyperlinks. its been going on the same since the olden days of windows 8. now that W10 is here, hopefully there will be a newer universal app...

Mark · 8/10/2015

No ability to up or down vote comments and other issues Have to agree with other reviews. The writing quality on the site has been reduced to blind cheerleading with poorly written puff pieces by a guy with a huge ego.

Kent · 7/27/2015
Great content, mediocre usability

This app one of my favorites on Windows Phone (its’ so good it should be in the ROM). After discovering that it was a universal app I installed it on my Windows PCs. The content is exactly what you'd expect but the usability and layout is just okay. Clicking on an article in the horizontal layout opens in full view. Unfortunately, clicking on the left arrow back icon takes you the leftmost article--in other words to the start where the first article is. This is bad if you read more than a couple of the newest articles since you have to then scroll to the right to get back to the vicinity where you just were. I read 1 or 2 articles at most before giving up on desktop app. Other issues: the Live Tile and search don't work. The app on WP is much better as it never loses your location and in doing so encourages you to look at lots of articles. I'm going to keep using the WP app as my go-to app.

Brant · 7/30/2015
Support High Resolution Screens

The app is good and the content is great but I can barely read it on my Dell XPS 13. Please support high resolution screens or obey the scaling preferences in Windows.

Zartan · 7/14/2015
Dishonest, laughable spin

Site takes marketing money from Microsoft and then defends every dumb thing they do. Just a cheerleader site with zero media cred. I've seen the unprofessional ego maniac editor brag repeatedly that he deletes site comments from people who don't agree with him. Really just a front to sell cheap phone screen protectors to people who haven't discovered Amazon/eBay.

adrian · 2/6/2014
Get more colors and new icon.

Like the app but what is up with the pink color. Would prefer choices.

Jason · 6/9/2015
Poor quality control

This app is all over the place. It shows the news from the website, yes, but sometimes the articles are filled with code (recently fixed), and now none of the videos work. Better off just visiting the website.

MANJUNATH · 8/13/2015
good a

good app for windows fans ...thanks to windows central and Microsoft,,,

Reviewer 0131 · 7/3/2015

I love this app! I love it so much, I even bought the version on Windows Phone 8.1!!!



  • Developed from the ground up for Windows 8.1
  • Read the latest news, reviews and tips from windowscentral.com
  • Swipe through articles and images in a print-like experience
  • Share articles through installed apps
  • Watch videos and follow links within Articles
  • View full screen images and save your favourite product shots to your picture library
  • Search the site directly from within the app
  • View and reply to comments in fully threaded format
  • Touch, Mouse and Keyboard friendly
  • Light and dark themes

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Version notes

v1.3.1 • Fixed an issue with styling code appearing in articles • Upgraded the net code of the app to improve load times • Re-wrote the underlying comment code for performance • Various upgrades as part of ongoing universal platform work

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