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Josh · 9/2/2015
best thing since sliced bread

i love the windows reading list. i can share stuff easily between my computers and my phone. wish it could contain or IE/Edge favorites and bookmarks.

Kevin · 9/2/2015
Good App & More Functional Than Edge Reading List

This is great for saving anything you find for later. I hope Microsoft leaves this around as it's better than the reading list in Edge in the following ways: - Syncs across devices - Can be used with any app capable of sharing, not just webpages. For example, I can save apps in the store to reading list, or news articles from News Republic, Flipboard, etc. Edge can't unless you can get to the webpage inside the browser. - Better organized

Aditya · 8/26/2015
Sync it with Edge.

The options to organize pages in this app are very convenient. The new Edge browser doesn't provide the option to sort and categorize the reading list. It will be great if this reading list app and Edge reading list are synchronised! Perfect app in windows 8.1!

Glenn · 8/19/2015

App works well, and has great sorting options. Would be nice if it had an offline mode. Also, could it get support for edge browser on windows 10. Edge has a reading lost, but it would be great if they would sync together!

Samuel · 8/7/2015
Great for Catching up!

I find myself procrastinating way too much, so I use the reading list to save all those delectable little articles and videos into one place to relax once work is done!

Jim · 8/12/2015
Doesn't sync with Windows Phone 8.1

Adding something to your "reading list" from one device should make it more or less instantly available on all of your devices. That's how every other service like this works (and I've tried many of them). This one doesn't give you any way to force a "sync" nor does it give you any way to refresh it's list when you know that it's stale - making it pretty much useless to me.

sj · 8/25/2015
Good and Nothing

Its feature is good, but nothing this is not coming with built-in for Windows 10.

Kevin · 8/27/2015

Great app...very useful app..must have app

Jeff · 8/5/2015
Absolutely a MUST USE app.

Synchronized wonderfully with my Windows devices, great to have this on the go to access every interesting link I have wanted to keep.

milton · 8/27/2015
Definitely in my top 20 app

A fantastic app to keep up with all your favorite news articles and magazines



  • Add bookmarks from apps or the web to keep track of things you want to get back to later
  • See your list across your Windows 8.1 PCs and from Windows Phone 8.1
  • Keep your list to the side as you view content you’ve added
  • Easily remove items once you're done with them
  • Search through the items in your reading list to find specific things
  • Each item is shown in a rich display, showing the title, images, a description, and what app it came from
  • Categorize items. You can group together ideas about the next place you want to vacation, articles about finance, or things you want to read for work
  • Filter items easily by category
  • Share a set of items from your list with others
  • Removed an item by mistake? Use the recently deleted section to find it
  • Great for touch, mouse or keyboard

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Latest update includes bug fixes and support for the Windows Phone app.

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