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Reviewer 7527 · 5/14/2013
Draw without pen, really?

No support for pen input. I don't need to see what else they missed. Would probably be like evernote.

أحمد · 5/1/2013

I didn't try it yet

Brian · 2/12/2013
Much better that expected

This may be my new go to note app

Reviewer 0089 · 5/29/2014

Recorded 1.5 hours of lecture from class and this app did not save it. I lost everything. This seems to be an ongoing problem with no solution in sight. Do not use this Application it will just frustrate you and make life more difficult.

Elioenai · 4/29/2014
Decent concept, but doesn't save notes.

I picked up this app because it had the option to take audio notes; however, on multiple occasions the app fails to save my notes, and I lose hours worth of lectures and memos.

Lee · 1/31/2014
needs phone app

notes don't sync across devices. NEED ON WINDOWS PHONE 8

Clare · 10/28/2013
Lost notes

This app would be great if it consistently saved your notes and photos. I lost 2 days of work notes and when I send an email asking for support I never heard from anyone.

Dean · 9/1/2013
I don't get it!

I can use this app on my desktop no problem but when it comes to my laptops! It works ok until I use the "set priorities" and the "status" feature just exit's me out! :( :( so frustrating when this can be quite a useful tool if it's designer can handle the kinks a little better.

Ray · 7/20/2013

I think this is a POS. I can't get it to work or locate any of my existing documents or notes. How do I uninstall it. t's just a waste of space. If I paid for it, I must have been drunk. I didn't do my homework either. Because of the logo, I thought it was a MS product. Wrong! I gave it one star because it looks great. It's sort of like a date that looks great but has the personality of a piece of sandpaper.

Tareq · 5/16/2013

Tnt no. Check tnt Lock



  •  Makes it easier to record, save and share videos, photos, voice notes, text notes, drawings, maps and more from your Windows 8 tablet or PC
  •  All-in-one data collection capabilities video, photos, audio, drawings, notes, maps and more
  •  Easily share your recordings with any device folders, apps and cloud services including SkyDrive, Box and DropBox
  • Shares media files with contacts, clouds and applications
  • Optional auto-sync to SkyDrive
  • Built-in Bing Maps to determine and save locations of your files
  • Photo date/time stamp
  • Create collages from multiple photos
  • Works on-line or off-line
  • Works with your contacts
  • Works with other apps like Evernote, OneNote, SkyDrive, Box and DropBox

App details

Version notes

Some of the 50 features improved recently: + Dashboard to view all you work notes, photos, videos, drawings and more. + Drawing capabilities. Create a Drawing note with your pen or finger. + Improved Windows 8 touch-screen interface for use with Surface Pro Tablets + Add a date/time stamp to photos + Save multiple pictures with one note + Combine multiple pictures into one graphic and email as one file + Advanced mapping capabilities + Take a picture of any map location for use in other apps + Share easily to Evernote, OneNote, SkyDrive, DropBox, Box, Twitter, Facebook + Create a private Work Notes Pro folder on your Windows 8 tablet for added + Create a private Work Notes Pro folder to your SkyDrive folders + Private notes: Save notes and files to SkyDrive only and not on the device + View notes and files in List view and Map view

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