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Reviewer 7546 · 6/16/2015
Looks good, but.. unfinished business.

After using need to update a few points... All icons are dim-grey on the main screen -- so it seems unfinished... Then the app jumps into slip view, taking you to the web site. Cool, but if your are not expecting, it may look like it's not working... I personally don't need a ginormeous font, but I can gather some could want that -- especially on a smaller screen. BUT -- an option all the time-zones tiled over maximum visible window (with a fixed minimum box per zone size -- that would be a better use of screen for me... I use the web to create meeting-inserts all the time. So, using the app to front-end the web request is better than doing directly to the web, so kudos for that. A lot of promise, but still some unfinished business.

david · 5/1/2015

unreliable. When you access the weather, temps will only display in Celsius. Garbage app!!!!!

Jean-Paul · 4/27/2014
Need to fix the preference saving

Doesn't keep the cities preference settings...the selections returned to the system default listing.

Mohammed Nasir · 1/30/2014
Extremely Limited

I'm a fan of the website but this app is crippled and has zero functionality. Every click opens the browser to take you to the website. Also configuring the live tile requires you to purchase the app. Why even bother with this app.

Jonny · 12/1/2013
useless without a live tile

see above

Andy · 7/31/2013
Live tile upgrade doesn't really work

The live tile upgrade you have to pay for doesn't really work. You can enable it and give it permissions, it perhaps displays the time on the start screen once, and then ceases working. Otherwise, it's a pretty good app from a website I use a lot. Shame they didn't beta test.

Natsu · 3/24/2013
Annoying ADs

It works. Not very sophisticated UI. But advertisement is very annoying and spoils everything.

Reviewer 9069 · 6/5/2015
Nice but the live tile is poorly designed

The full page is clean and attractive, but the active tile is disappointing: The live tile rotates needlessly and annoyingly every five seconds, and it uses a very small font.

Reviewer 0792 · 5/19/2015
Immediately corrupted after payment

Downloaded app, and paid to get the dynamic tile. When I tried to open, the program changed its name to "App," and is now corrupted. I cannot delete the app, nor can I re-install. Very disappointed.

Jon · 4/22/2015
Not disappointed

Sprung for the upgrade so I wouldn't have to look at ads. I keep it snapped to the side with a customized list pulled down so I can get a quick glance at what time it is in each area that my company services. It makes my job just that much easier.



  • Accurate times, synchronized with timeanddate.com.
  • Large selection of cities from around the world to pick from.
  • Sunrise / Sunset times.
  • DST start and end times.
  • Full support for Desktop and Tablet.
  • Snapped view, so you can see your clocks whilst you work on something else.
  • Fullscreen mode, showing a large clock of the city of choice.
  • Quick access to some of timeanddate services, allowing you to quickly plan a meeting or event, create countdowns, check the weather, check moon phases, and find dialling codes.
  • Automatic database updating.
  • Upgrade available with:
  • - Live Tile
  • - Time adjustment (including meeting planner style notifications)
  • - No adverts
  • - Renaming clocks
  • - Customize color of clocks
  • - Show sun state on clocks

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* Windows 10 fixes

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