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BRIAN · 9/12/2013


User · 1/3/2013

Almost works. Search didn't return good results, then just failed outright. Will not play all downloaded episodes in a row, just stops after first.

SuzyKil · 11/1/2011

No way to queue podcasts for comtinuos play.

David · 8/27/2014

I'm a paying customer. I love the app. I tried many others, and this was the only one that isn't frustrating. I was wondering however if you could have an option to play from oldest to newest. When one finishes, it moves to the next oldest which is the wrong way/order for the podcasts I listen to, so I always have to stop and re-navigate at the end of each one. Also, there is a rotation bug? where if you play sideways it shows the cover art, flip to portrait and back to sideways and now the navigation buttons show. (Lumia 1020 8 and 8.1)

Jeremy · 4/20/2014

Good app, though needs some work in cleaning up old podcast files, as in deleting them fully.

Micheal · 1/14/2014

Too basic, needs more settings.

Ed · 11/2/2013

I am using the trial version on a Lumia 521. I like the playlist support. This one has many of the features I am looking for. However, it seems to have problems getting RSS updates. It took it several hours longer than Podcast Lounge to recognize a Windows Weekly update yesterday. I am still waiting for it to pick up the latest episode of PC Perspective 18 hours after the RSS feed was updated. Need an option to clear played episodes from the playlist. Update: I am now using the latest full version. If you are looking for a podcast app that is good at managing and playing podcasts this is app to get.

Scott · 8/30/2013

Best podcast player for Windows Phone, and I have tried a lot of them. The 2.0 interface is really nice.

Jerry · 5/29/2013

It's ok. The trial version totally blocks some things like auto downloads so I could not test that. Therefore I am buying Podcatcher or CarbonCast. Their trial versions were limited, but better and I could test them fully. I want to know ahead of time if a key feature will work.

Ted · 3/1/2013

This is the best I've used so far. Tried several, but wpodder is the most consistent and bug free. Has never lost my place in a cast, the UI is intuitive, and the price is very reasonable. Definitely try it if you are looking for a robust pod catcher.


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