• Minimalist interface.
  • Basic fomatting settings: bold, italic, heading, bullet, etc.
  • Print.
  • Share by email and other apps.
  • Auto save.
  • Spellcheck.
  • Deep focus mode.
  • Word count
  • Text to Speech
  • Export to WORD (DOCX), PDF, HTML, WAVE
  • Word cloud

Additional information

Version Notes

V2.0.1.1 ------------------------ 1. Added: line spacing setting. 2. Added: text reading speech setting (premium). V2.0.1.0 ------------------------ 1. Added: dictionary & thesaurus is free now. 2. Added: two new dark themes (premium). 3. Fixed: document jumping issue. V2.0.0.9 ------------------------ 1. Added: export to PDF (premium) 2. Added: save WordCloud to png, jpg, gif, tiff and bmp (premium) 3. Added: display copy/paste buttons in the toolbar (enable that in Menu->Options->Toolbar) V2.0.0.8 ------------------------ 1. Added export to Word docx file (premium) 2. Added tab key support 3. Improved performance V2.0.0.6 ------------------------ 1. Added Dictionary & Thesaurus (premium) 2. Fixed a few crash and hang bugs. V2.0.0.4 ------------------------ 1. Added blockquote. 2. Added word cloud tool (premium). 3. Added option to disable hotkeys (for international keyboard conflict). 4. Fixed laggy issue reported in app review. Please write to writeplus@outlook.com if the lag problem still exists. V2.0.0.2 ------------------------ 1. Added recent documents. 2. Added new Settings. 3. Added Text-to-speech (premium). 4. Added Export to HTML/WAVE (premium). 5. Renamed the app to WritePlus (previously known as Write++) V2.0.0.1 ------------------------ 1. Support copy/paste format 2. Lock full screen document width V2.0.0.0 ------------------------ 1. Support Windows 8.1 2. Add Word Count

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Reviewer 0699 · 6/8/2015
Really too good to be true... REALLY.

I looked at this and thought "Best app ever???" just from the description. But I opened it, and there were NO settings. In options I picked a theme that was listed and it said "Part of Premium". You can't pick your own fonts, you have to use a theme. EVERY special feature that makes it good is bundled up for $3.99. I looked. Too good to be true.

Reviewer 7354 · 5/23/2015

I just Lost everything I wrote in the title Children

Forest · 5/5/2015
Interface Bugs, Unresponsive developer

With dark themes on, there are 1px white lines along the edges of the screen on the left and bottom, which is a big deal considering this is a minimalist editor. Emailed the dev to report the issue, no response or bug fix yet and it's been four months.

Reviewer 4242 · 4/8/2015
A lot to be desiered

No way to do simple formatting like right, left, or center

Demiracle · 3/3/2015

I cant really get the headings to work but other than that everything el is alright I guess

erika · 10/15/2014

when u print something it shows in big grey letters across the page write plus which SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris · 8/28/2014
doesn't support touch screen keyboard

I would love to try this app but it doesn't support the keyboard :-(

CS · 8/26/2014
This is horrible

This is such a horrible program that you can't even print on this stupid app

Robin · 4/20/2014
No support.

A quality editor. I even bought premium... only to have to buy it again a few days later. Every time I try to get to customer support it just shows me google. No website.

Stephen · 12/27/2013
Needs doc support

Would love to be able to use it to read doc files within the Metro environment. It doesn't seem to recognize when I am typing in Spanish but that may be Windows 8 fault.

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