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Reviewer 2712 · 8/7/2015
almost amazing

it's a great app with a great concept, though it could use some improvements. But, everything can improve. I think it would be cool if there was a page with the 7 different branches of living and you could track how you have improved over time on each subject.

Shawn · 8/7/2015

Just what I wanted. Beautiful interface, everything is fluid, great ideas. I was looking for a simple Journal app and ended up finding this. Amazing.

Reviewer 0740 · 6/4/2015
So worth it

This app is a great way to improve your writing skills. This app is very simple and easy to use!

Reviewer 8426 · 5/28/2015
Overall, it's great!

At first, I have no idea what is this and how this work but yeah...it kinda shaping thoughts. I love the clean appearance, and quite stable though.

Reviewer 3870 · 7/25/2015
just wish there was more questions

Yup its fun to answer it gets u to think bout ur day or life.

Douglas · 10/21/2014
I would like some more stuff

I like the app and the design. I would like the ability to add a picture to a day. Sometimes I write about something and I would love to add a picture with that I wrote. Keep up the good work!!

Daniel · 8/30/2014
A fun app to build your writing, about yourself

This app changes suggestions not just from day to day, but every time you refresh by reclicking/retouching "Today" icon... some of the suggestions can be corny and almost every one is positive... but the thought provoking ones make buying this app worth it, great for writers block!

Justin · 6/14/2014
Fantastic Journaling App

Using Writr is addictive. The thoughtful prompts have done for helping me get over the blank page and really pour myself out in writing than any other method or suggestions I've tried. I've found myself spending over an hour answering one prompt after another, and it's almost therapeutic. I find my responses going far beyond the scope of the basic question, so the prompts are really jogging things that are in my head dying to get out. It's a great feeling. Can't wait for the app to come out on Android so I can use it on the go, but it's perfect for now on my PC where I spend most of my day every day any way.

Nathan · 5/7/2014
Two minor things, great app

Want to give it 5 stars, and could easily end up doing so. First, the app is for the most part beautifully and functionally designed. Great work to the developer(s). Very easy to use for the most part. Love the calendar view, ability to tag posts, search posts and bookmark posts. These features alone make it a very forward-thinking app, preparing it for a lot of use. My two minor things... 1) a sync function of some kind, preferably with Microsoft login or OneDrive (just makes sense). Knowing that I have to manually export a backup, means there is a huge potential to lose entries. Glad there is a backup option for now, but please add a simple sync function. 2) For laptop/mouse use, it's a little weird, because the scrolling for the document is not on the far right like you'd expect. Instead, there is invisible space on either side of the text area which is used for right-clicking to bring up the menu from the bottom. Really the only clunky thing about the app, really.

rusty · 4/26/2014
this has the makings, a good program

so far this program is run pretty, good it has a few drawbacks, it's not Dragon friendly, and I'm still looking for settings. I was told, that there's an update coming out. That will make this secure. Hope they make a Dragon friendly with a new update to.



  • Daily prompts encourage reflection and self-analysis with each entry.
  • Deep dive in to 7 key areas of life with help of categories.
  • Synchronise your entries across multiple devices.
  • Cloud backup so that you never have to worry about losing your entries.
  • Gorgeous calendar providing a seamless, intuitive experience.
  • Bookmarking allows you to never forget those important growth milestones.
  • Add Tags to posts for context and easy access.
  • Share select snippets to your social media channels with ease.
  • Password lock your entries on device.
  • Backup and Restore your entries and settings.
  • Add and edit entries for past, present, and future.

App details

Version notes

We know you’ve been waiting for this day. After months of hard work writr is delighted to bring synchronization on your devices. There are few more things that we would like to share with you so continue reading - Today screen is now prompts screen. The prompts screen has been designed with you in mind, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable experience across the product. - We’ve introduced 7 categories to help you deep dive in to your life and explore areas such as your aspirations, finances, physical and mental well-being, spirituality and time management. - writr Labs is an exciting addition to the latest version that will enable you to interact with beta versions of features that we bring out in future. Your first task today is to test synchronization. - We believe in communicating with you that’s why we’ve added in-app communication. This new feature will also make it easier for you to give us feedback in future.

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