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Andre · 9/2/2015

Brilliant app, been using for a while and loving it. Only issue I have with it is the LIVE tile... I know its not something toys like iOS and Android have, but as a productivity tool Windows Phones use live tiles to get real work done... Please look to add this.

Stephanie · 8/24/2015
So Chic

I love it. I try to stay organized and up to speed on everything that I need to do. This really helps.

Kass · 8/29/2015

Live tile doesn't update on its own when someone else updates a shared list, so you can't tell at a glance whether, say, a shopping list is still current. Otherwise, I'm very happy with the app.

Austin · 8/21/2015

Great to-do app, but need better ways to manage repeating tasks

Terri · 8/17/2015

I have been using Wunderlist for over a year on my MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad. I'm now adding it to my new HP laptop. The syncing is amazing. I don't know how I got along without it. I don't like using other applications for Notes or Stickies, so I keep everything up-to-date in my Wunderlist. It's very easy to learn and organize all of my tasks and ideas. I love it!

Steven · 8/11/2015
no auto sorting or sorting by time

no auto sort every morning I have to right click each list and sort task! all this tech and no auto sort really!!!! This app is for people who like extra work and attention. Also no sorting by time. If you would like to repeat something every 4 days you have to sign on to web the app does not do it. This is a unproductive app I don't get the good reviews :(

M. · 8/9/2015
One of the absolute best

No matter the platform from pc to mobile to browser extension, this app syncs and shares all the info quickly and easily. Attach files, notes, deadlines and then organize into folders without complication . This is one of the rare apps that deserves a sixth rating star.

Marcin · 8/24/2015

Annoyingly slow app. Sometimes shows reminders for already completed tasks, creates duplicates of repeating tasks or notifies multiple times about the same activity on a shared list.

Josiah · 8/29/2015
Needs windows 10 update.......P.S REALLY!

The App UI is okay as is, except that IT's STILL A WIN 8.1 APP!!!! It is well past due for a win 10 update. Native app controls are still only accessible from the hamburger menu that's tacked on to all windows 8 apps, and has the "app controls" option in it. That's the kind of thing that should have gone away in the first month of Win 10's beta release. It makes it look half finished (Psst! because it is) and it's already past a month AFTER win 10's official release. Please update the app and I will be a happy man! =)

Eric · 8/3/2015
Love Wunderlist, but Win App is not my favorite version

I absolutely love Wunderlist as a service. I tried several to-do lists before I settled on Wunderlist and I don't think anything else even comes close to comparing in terms of quality, usability, and features when it comes to simple, cross-platform task management. I use Wunderlist on Android (my phone), iOS (iPad), and the Chrome store app. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and got this app, and it's by far my least favorite of all of the implementations I've seen thus far. It used to make for a very compact, clean interface, and now it feels huge, like it's taking up a bunch of the screen. I don't like how much padding there is between the items (both the lists themselves and the to-do items). I also don't like that the background is on the left pane (I prefer it simple and white) but that isn't the biggest deal.


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We know what you’re thinking as you read this. You’re thinking, is today my lucky day? Will there be a new feature that will blow my mind? Well, no... not quite. But don’t stop reading just yet because there are a couple of new features and some very exciting bug fixes in this update. Very exciting. - We have a new logo! But before you start looking in panic for the new Wunderlist logo, clutching on to your colleague’s arm and shouting ‘Where has my Wunderlist gone??’, don’t worry, you’ll still recognize it - we’ve just made a few tweaks. - Talking of tweaks, our pictograms are now looking more lightweight and ever so stylish. - We’ve made a few changes to our live tiles so that they’ll now update at lightning fast speed as soon as you add something to your list. - We’re always sad to see you leave our app but that’s no excuse for throwing a tantrum. We’ve given ourselves a stern talking to and we’d like to apologise for crashing when you leave the app or when you return. We’ve fixed this little issue and would like to think it won’t happen again. - As usual, we’ve squashed a few other minor bugs. Enjoy!

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