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We know what you’re thinking as you read this. You’re thinking, is today my lucky day? Will there be a new feature that will blow my mind? Well, no... not quite. But don’t stop reading just yet because there are a couple of new features and some very exciting bug fixes in this update. Very exciting. - We have a new logo! But before you start looking in panic for the new Wunderlist logo, clutching on to your colleague’s arm and shouting ‘Where has my Wunderlist gone??’, don’t worry, you’ll still recognize it - we’ve just made a few tweaks. - Talking of tweaks, our pictograms are now looking more lightweight and ever so stylish. - We’ve made a few changes to our live tiles so that they’ll now update at lightning fast speed as soon as you add something to your list. - We’re always sad to see you leave our app but that’s no excuse for throwing a tantrum. We’ve given ourselves a stern talking to and we’d like to apologise for crashing when you leave the app or when you return. We’ve fixed this little issue and would like to think it won’t happen again. - As usual, we’ve squashed a few other minor bugs. Enjoy!

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Joel · 8/1/2015
Very useful!!

I use this app Daily to manage my tasks. I am excited for more integration into office and windows 10

John · 7/28/2015
Great... but

It is an awesome app that is very useful cross platform, but I wish it had an actual live tile and integrated with the system calendar.

Yorick · 7/31/2015

I love Wunderlist! It is the ToDo app which works cross platform and with which you can share lists with others!! Keep up the good work!!

Jeb · 7/26/2015
Good, would be great with a few tweaks

Awesome! Syncs well most of the time, perfect Windows 8 native feel. Just a few minor changes would make it a 5-star: - On the "Week" view on the web, each task has the list as a subheading. On the Week view on Windows 8, the subheading shows the date which is already a header for each category - It's much harder to pick dates without a popup calendar

Manoj · 7/16/2015
Love this...

use it very often to manage daily chores and to do. Please integrate with Cortana and Outlook for task and I will mark it as 5 star rating...

Chaz · 7/24/2015
Great Start

I like how functional it is for a Modern App since other vendors tend to Nerf their modern apps a lot! This app is much more pleasant to use than the Chrome app. A universal app, deeper integration with the OS, and Cortana integrations would be a huge add on.

Winnie · 7/17/2015
Some bug - doesn't work now

I'm a big wunderlist user, but since updating to the technical preview of windows 10 (and downgrading back to windows 8.1), wunderlist isn't working, and I can't uninstall/reinstall. Help! Update: repair function does not help at all, still not working. Wont even finish the repair process.

dickwyn · 8/1/2015
Solid design

The UI and sync works pretty well but I would like to see the profile picture gain PNG support for transparency just like the Android version

Tyler · 7/31/2015
Broke after Win10 upgrade

Use it religiously which is frustrating since it has broken since I upgraded from Windows 10. Claims that it cant reach the Wunderlist servers to sign in. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still no dice.

Arif · 7/16/2015
Highly recommended

I like that it is cross-platform but I would like to issue a few problems and request for a feature. I cannot connect my Wunderlist account to my Google account properly. Also I would like to request the ability to select multiple and select all completed items to be deleted instead of deleting them one by one.

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