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Chris · 7/30/2015
I love the WWE and all it's contents and programs.

I love the Monday Night Raw and Smackdown programs, Pay-Pre-Views WWE events (when I get them on dvd's and blu-rays) and all the old and fun loving events like the Attitude Era and other events from the old episodes of WWE programs, and all the wrestlers and divas, and a few wresters and divas I don't like, like Rusev for an example.

Ricky · 7/31/2015
Needs a major update, Doesn't allow network streaming.

seems very outdated compared to it's mobile counterparts. It would be great to see them implement the network into the windows 8 app and I would also love to see them revamp this app similar to the mobile app. As not every one has a smartphone to use the mobile app. Myself being one of those people. I can't access the second screen stuff, or be involved in the app votes because of them only being on the mobile version. It would definitely be great to see the make some huge changes to this app. It would definitely benefit from having a universal app.

Brandon · 7/30/2015
App is outdated and useless

App hasn't been updated in years. It would be nice to have one that works with the WWE Network, but WWE has seemingly abandoned the project long ago. It has no current roster information or news either.

Reviewer 2192 · 7/19/2015

Wasn't what I expected but it tolled me more about wrestlers that's great because I finnaly got my cousin to hate rusev and love the power hound ROMAN EMPOR ROMAN REIGNS

Ranveer · 10/18/2013

works as good as my iphone app

Zahid · 5/25/2013
Not Working

Whenever I start it, it always crashes

Reviewer 6024 · 4/6/2015
useless app, however presentation is great

The app isn't useful in terms of accuracy with CURRENT WWE information and you don't have a way of accessing the WWE Network. However the current app content isn't bad and the layout is awesome. If the developers actually cared & updated the app with current info, this app would be perfect.

Reviewer 7527 · 7/20/2015

why I can not watch on my PC. and on my tablet yes. does anyone has any suggestion?

Michael · 8/2/2015
This app needs a SERIOUS update

No access to the Network. Outdated cover page, old scratch logo. LAME.

REd · 2/25/2015
WWE Network IS GOD!

You too can be part of the WWE Universe....for only 9.99. Go to and register. This month was absolutely free and the most amazing ppv FastLane that I have seen. Not only do you get to register with WWE Network and join the rest of the WWE Fans in the WWE Universe but you get this amazing app as well and it's FREE! Thank you WWE and everyone that was part of creating the WWE Network and WWE App. WWE is taking over the world!!

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