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Jeremy · 4/6/2013

Nice app. Still miss some functions though small and big step forward/bacward. Would also be nice if some keyboard was available..

jlprock78 · 5/27/2012

Like it but where is the manual controller? How do I access the video add-ons?

Maxamoto · 3/30/2012

Garbage now. Last update completely broke it. Do not buy!

Blake · 9/22/2014

Coming from Yatse on Android, this is the closest thing I've found in the WP store so far. If I could push whatever video I was watching on my phone to xbmc like you can in Yatse it would be perfect, but that may just be a limitation on WP.

bryan · 9/16/2013

Far and away the best XBMC app. Gorgeous interface and full range of control options. Be aware of the pull down arrow that gives you access to all the important menu options in XBMC. Smooth, fast, and pretty. Only complaint is that for some videos the slider only covers the first 30 seconds and it doesn't resume play from where you left off if you stop playback. In every other way: excellent.

Tony · 7/14/2013

Very solid app, but can you please add an "Press S key" button? It makes it much easier to access settings and things like the sleep timer.

Tim · 6/29/2013

Since the last update the remote control screen will transparently overlay the app screen everytime you hit the back button on your phone. Annoying.

Thoai · 5/11/2013

Very good and useful app! Please also add-on some function like Youtube, vimeo, dailymotion or Airplay stuff

Jan · 4/3/2013

Very nice app, few bugs maybe. When I press any arrow I should hear one tick from xmbc, instead it keeps ticking all the time. Also why is there a power button on remote (red button in upper left corner)? Its not functional or its just duplicating the function of Stop button which is right next to it in the middle.

Adam · 3/5/2013

Outstanding. Beautiful metro interface, smooth and intuitive.


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