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Reviewer 1911 · 6/8/2015
Good but...

It won't let me configure upnp settings. Wizard fails the upnp check and won't continue.

Mitchell · 10/25/2014

Love it. Great interface, runs quick and smooth. Thanks for the hard work

Josue · 8/5/2014

Better than the android version. Love it. Only complain is that I could skip the optional VLC confab step, must be a bug caused I had to configure VLC web server in order to finish the wizard.. I specially like the ability to tell the server to scan for new media.

Gal · 11/25/2013
Great App

Amazing look & feel. Great features, especially playback on my own device and ability to download content and play it while away from my XBMC. Update: app terminates whenever I try to play something on my device....

Joshua · 3/8/2015

Needs the ability to queue songs. It's a good controller, though.

kourosh · 5/21/2015

Not connected

Anthony · 8/24/2014

I never rate apps, im a developer myself and i have to say this application is unbelievable it has everything i needed to control xbmc on my raspberry pi

Steven · 11/28/2014

Looks great but not readable at all with a light theme so for those people it is useless.

Reviewer 0384 · 9/6/2014
Play to functionality doesn't work

Looks really nice but playing media to an Xbox or "this device" seems to crash, every time.

Duane · 9/20/2013
Remote made easy

Second screen works great for an early version. Great job by the developer. Hopefully you will be able to incorporate access to addons.

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