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Tatham · 8/4/2015

Very basic UI. Just enough effort to say they're on the platform, but not trying. Not a share target. Post interface doesn't resize.

Donald · 8/13/2015

Ok, very clean ui but with that.... Very little functionality. Windows mobile version of MS product should be the best

Cristian · 9/1/2015
Excellent for business use

Intuitive to use for a large class of users.

Wesley · 8/8/2015

This app sucks... Pictures are in attachments you have to open manually... Microsoft owned product and they can't even add the usual functionality.... Sad how windows phone is deteriorating...

Chris · 5/26/2015

It's okay for checking your feed and adding the occasional post, but it's missing a lot of features compared to the browser. I really wish you could search conversations, files, topics, etc. and not just people or groups. Also, there's no way to add Tags/Topics to a post. MS needs to just keep updating.

Dean · 5/16/2015

Live tile does not update correctly, navigation is not intuitive. It is very easy to get stuck or lost

Craig · 5/16/2015

I hate this app. It either tells me I'm not connected to the internet or crashes on startup. The only way to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the app and then go through the nightmare of an authentication process again. This happens once a month at least.

Mahmood · 4/3/2015

The Yammer website is awesome.. I just wish they fix the "private messaging feature" as it gets confusing to identify it from posts' messages. Notifications on tiles is an easy issue that can be fixed.. But the up definitely needs an update.. Otherwise it's a great way to communicate about work with other colleagues..

Andrew · 3/31/2015

Live tile constantly stuck with old notifications... Interface is too basic... Needs some love.

Prakash · 2/21/2015

Always gives me error whenever I change password. Only option is to reuninstall. Very poor design


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