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Valentin · 7/10/2014

Doesn't work anymore, no yos going out or coming in.

Adrian · 3/1/2015

Update the how to, for example it doesn't show how to send your location although it works (double tap). While in the app, notifications are barely readable because of the transparent background... update: uses tons of battery when browsing extensions, otherwise seems fine.

Dustin · 11/10/2014

Love this app. They somehow manage to make it better with new features every update. Having a windows phone app of this quality is very rare

Spencer · 8/15/2014

Great idea, but still has bugs. Not able to use underscores on iOS. Can't add my own username on iOS. "What is YO" page is an un-scrollable, zoomed out internet page. Update: "Feedback" does not provide an email address to send feedback.

alb3530 · 7/22/2014

As always, Windows Phone version is missing things. Double Yo, and MULTITOUCH... Please, add multi touch at least.... Almost for sure iOS and Android versions have it. Why do developers most of times drop it in their apps for Nokia phones? It was so in Symbian, and now Windows Phone is suffering that same lack of multitouch support for apps :(

Rafael · 7/13/2014

Love the idea of the app but the execution is mot as good as it could be. One main problem is that windowsphone users can send yos to others on IOS and android but cannot receive yos from those users on IOS and android. Also many other features, such as sharing on twitter, are missing from the windowsphone version.

Philipp · 7/4/2014

Love it. But where is the live tile? :(

Gábor · 7/1/2014

Not working properly on WP 8.1 preview. Cross-platform sending doesn't work either

Barak · 7/1/2014

I was about to give up on life. I was fired for embezzlement. My wife left me for my best friend. I started drinking heavily with little disregard for my health. I got hooked on Oreo cookies and adult movies. Then I discovered YO. Now I can send YOs to complete strangers, and my life is back on track. Thank you YO! Btw, this app seems to have problems with its UI... YO! Fix it!

Kunal · 7/1/2014

Apparently quite popular on iOS and Android but I don't see why when it doesn't do much.i guess that's is charm :s I just don't get it. Otherwise the design is quite nice.


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