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Reviewer 6735 · 5/5/2015
great idea- wish it was customizable to diets

This is a great app but I wish I could customize the menu for vegetarians and for vegans. Having the ability to customize with dietary restrictions would also be good for people who are lactose intolerant and gluten free.

Zachary · 7/17/2014

It is a really cool app, but the number or recipes is somewhat lacking. I understand it is a free app and service on the computer but please try to expand the database. Other then that it is really well don. To those who are saying it needs a search button I found a way around it. If you swipe from the right and press the search button you will see the search criteria is everywhere. If you press the drop down you can make the search app specific to Yoga Chef (or for most any app for that matter.) Then from there search for the keyword you are looking for.

Neila · 7/5/2014
Can't add your own recipes and can't search??

Not only can you not search for a recipe by a key word, (e.g. "chocolate cake") you can't add your own recipes too the app. I'm also not even sure if the app is ever updated to include new ones! Really frustrating. I wanted to use the hands-free functionality of this app to follow my own chocolate cake recipe (well, one I found on-line that's very different than the one in the app) but it doesn't look like I'll be able to. Very frustrating.

Nick · 3/22/2014
Good concept, limited functionality

App works very well for recipes that are on the main screen. Unfortunately, there is no way to browse for more recipes than the 20ish they give you on the front screen.

Gillian · 1/2/2014
Has potential

I think this app has a lot of potential but I think they need to add a way to favorite recipes so you can save them for later. I'd also like to be able to add my own recipes and use this as a recipe box.

Peter · 7/30/2015
Didn't ask for this, can't remove it from my app list.

Didn't ask for this, can't remove it from my app list.

Malinda · 9/18/2014
No reviews

I like AllRecipes.com because you can read and write reviews of the recipe. People give good adaptations to the recipes. These have no reviews and you can't add your experience with the recipe.

Dan · 12/30/2013
Great interface, where's the search?

I like how it sets up the screen for cooking, but there's no search feature!



  • Great for the kitchen with easy to read recipe Prepare feature
  • Navigate quickly and precisely using Windows 8's Semantic Zoom feature
  • Use the Share Charm in the Charm Bar to share any recipe—or a link to the app in the Windows Store—with family and friends
  • Check out Spotlight to find the Editors' Top Picks and other featured recipes

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