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User · 12/13/2014

Got about 200 songs then it quit

Brianna · 12/1/2014

Doesn't work. I keep getting the "sorry this video is protected" for EVERY video I try. Believe me when I say I've tried every video I can think of.

colton · 10/28/2014

At first I had no problem, now every video it says protected...

Nelmiah · 7/26/2014

I love how it allows you to download most audio from YouTube directly into your media library, however, just when you're getting used to the beauty of the app BAM! "couldn't connect to the server" error messages keep popping up. The downloads take forever, my phones lock screen isn't disabled in the downloading process so if it takes over 3 minutes for one song then there's a problem somewhere. This must be a bug somewhere. We weren't given a warning of downloading X amount of songs for free until it worked so I feel that's unfair. 2 stars until it catches on....

User · 7/24/2014

In my opinion, of course, this app is definitely worth downloading. c: Though there are many features that could be added, such as a Repeat Button, editing downloaded songs ( ie. The title, or add an album cover. ), and an action to play the video. Considering the other app's I've tried didn't allow me to download music into my phones Media Player and this one does, that's a great bonus. Although, there's one thing I'm not sure of. Is this app limited to how many songs you can download because it's the free version? I've been having some trouble with downloading songs now, but it could be a bug. Hope this helps to those who are like myself and don't want to waist time on apps that won't work. ^^

User · 7/13/2014

Probably my favorite app I have downloaded since way back when I first got a smart phone. It is easy to use and works like a charm. This is a must have!

Gina Marie · 5/25/2014

Excellent!! A must have for a phone!! Has play list of its own but also saves it to your SD card not only that but it syncs with your you tube account it's amazing while others spend forever looking up and downloading music I have found it. They have done six, to my 10!!!!!

Sydney · 5/14/2014

Really good app. :) Though it would be nice if you could add in a button that lets you put the song on repeat

refugio · 4/7/2014

Starts to freeze alot after awhile & YouTube stops working.

Coral · 3/19/2014

Works very good on my nokia lumia 920. In app directions regarding how to use the application & its capabilities would be helpful. I waited over a month before utilizing the app because I wasn't sure if I could save music to my phone.


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