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Reviewer 0628 · 4/28/2015
Doesn't work as well as it should

This app really has a lot going for it, particularly compared to the other Windows Store apps that support active stylus input. However, like many other Modern Apps, it has trouble keeping up with a pen when taking notes in handwriting. I tested it extensively, and Younote missed pen strokes in the middle of the each line, after filling up about a quarter of a page.

Jesus · 2/7/2015
THE note taking app

That is right, THE. Capital letters. This is the perfect app for school or college. It automatically smoothes out anything you write, it can convert handwriting to text (in other apps you have to pay for this function). Suck at drawing circles and other shapes? No problem, this app can recognize shapes and can convert your horrible mutated circles into perfect beautiful circles and other shapes. It is like a working version of S note. The only thing it is missing is a way to convert handwriting to math to be perfect.

Moonzer · 9/11/2014
Thank you but any chance this App will support RT

Greetings to All, Thank you for the effort and the Useful App. Any chance there will be a release that supports RT version of windows. Thanks and best regards.

MACPAUL · 4/5/2014
Wonderful app

Really great to see apps like this on the windows store. Keep it up.

Keith · 2/18/2014
Great shape and handwriting recognition

It's a joy to write and draw in this app and have it convert to clean shapes and text. I would use this every day if I could export it to PDF or SVG instead of just jpg.

Anthony · 12/30/2013
Good Start But...

YouNote has a nice interface with a couple of great options like stylus only option, but lacks critical features, such as changing backgrounds or even printing directly from the app.

Michael · 12/25/2013

I like the idea to auto straighten presentation slides, help me to catch idea on white boards.

David · 5/8/2014
Useless free version

In the free version, ads pop up and cover your workspace. The free version is useless, even as a way to try out the app.

Margarito · 4/6/2015

I love it

Isaac · 12/31/2013
Excellent for users with active stylus

As a owner of a Dell Venue 8 Pro, I find this application a pleasure to use with the tablet active stylus, you can switch to use only the pen and avoid touch issues with your palm when drawing. I hope future updates bring more options. Price is cheap. You have to options for buying one less than 2 dollars another (the one I took) is around 5 dollars.

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