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Adam · 7/16/2013

I really like this app, but I so wish it would sync with MyFitnessPal automatically so I could keep track of calorie intake/burning all in one place.

Teresa · 3/13/2013

Absolutely love this! I love seeing my level and being able to check back to see what days I have worked out on. This is fantastic!

Quilnux · 12/13/2011

Very good app. Needs to support adding new challenges, goals and viewing the progress of friends.

ToolOfGod · 11/17/2011

There isn't much to this app. It provides the basics for your yourshape stats. You can view challenge and goal progress, but can't create new ones from the app. It's primary function seems to be a stat tracking tool for your calories. Though I would find it more useful if I could create challenges, and view others progress within a given challenge. It does the basics well, and I like to see developers paying WP some attention and joining their services together like this.

Dark Order 66 · 9/21/2011

Finally... This is a great start. I am happy with the app. I would like to be able to create a challenge or goal from this app. :-)

James Blackwood · 8/30/2011

(Samsung Focus) Works just like their other apps on other devices. Shows and tracks your progress preformed during the game. It would be better if you could issue challenges, view friends, etc. through the app maybe it will be in the next update.

Heretic555666 · 9/21/2012

Kind of helpful. Definitely not useless.

briguy992 · 1/24/2012

App ties in nicely with the game. Runs great too!

C m Swinger · 10/25/2011

Looks great and have been waiting for something like this... have to jump through way to many hoops to get the game/website/app to talk to each other... This the type of experience that needs to "just work" and well it doesn't... More stars as promised now that I can log in

leejay · 3/12/2013



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