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Erin · 4/18/2014

What's the point to this App.? The desktop / labtop version on the normal web actually works. This just sees pictures but no recorded audio or video files.

Carlos A. · 10/21/2013

Nice metro interface. BUT Just handle pictures and gives Just 2GB. Hope it work for files and pdfs

Franklin · 5/11/2013

Awesome App! Makes use of the Metro UI quite well! 10/10 Would use again

Andy · 2/15/2013

Great WP8 experience! Easy to use!

Dan · 2/1/2013

Basically just a cloud app without the glitches and non-user friendliness of SkyDrive. For that I can give it 3 stars. The utter flaw in this app is that (it appears) there is no way to actually store the files on your phone. Everything has to be downloaded over and over again. Upload a video from your PC so u can watch it on your phone? Ok, but click out of the video and try to watch it again, and you are stuck downloading it ALL over again. Better hope you're on WiFi!!

Russell · 1/12/2013

Good app, does exactly what it needs to!

User · 12/30/2012

Awesome app. Used to store movie tix and the share by NFC is awesome bonus feature

Meiy · 9/22/2014

Not useful. today with OneDrive office 365 I can do the same

Kevin · 9/29/2014

Great app

David · 4/12/2014

It only does pictures. Don't believe the app description.


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