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Griffin · 8/14/2015

This app is great. Awesome in every single aspect, and they really went all out with this app, it has everything. Only reason I give it 4 stars is that it keeps record of ALL duels played on the LP calc function. So if you're a frequent tournament player, download a different LP calc app for exhibitions. Other than that, its all-around amazing.

Adam · 8/19/2015

This app is awesome! Really useful when I went to a tournament!

Matthew · 11/21/2013

What is error code 8032000f?

XboxOmac · 9/13/2012

Stats were working for a while after installation, now everytime I click 'My Stats', the app crashes. Please fix, great app over all though!

Carlos · 8/29/2015

Gets it done right

Joel · 5/21/2015

Great app. Very use full. Could change the result of the duals endings. Should change it to save who won each dual and how many times you've won against that dualist. Should also put the sound of life points dropping when a victory happens

Austin · 10/6/2014

Very awesome price tool with accurate prices, quick and easy. LP calculator is easy to use, only thing I would add is a sound effect for life points gain or loss :)

Zachary · 8/30/2014

The perfect app for YuGiOh! This thing has literally helped me bargin with local card shops. When they say a outrageous price I show what this says and then it gives us negotiation room. This app is the best! Even has prices on the newest booster box and mega tin cards!

Korey · 8/6/2014

Its a very good yugioh app its helpful with everything other than life point I know people are saying but it has an LP calculator and your right it dose its just not how I like my calculators to be but other than that is my favorite app keep up the good work but change the calculator

chris · 7/5/2014

Love it. Works perfectly and is easy to use. Six out of five stars.


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Added support for WP8.1 features, including Action Center, and (consequently) reworked some artwork slightly.