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Guy M. · 8/21/2015
Beware of Investment...

You can not "print" hands on notes, I'm renting this garbage and can not participate the way I can utilize a book. Call me Fred Flintstone, however its not even Jetson Friendly, no down loads and saves, one page at a time no quick references from 30 pages out to page 6 or back again etc...,. Waste of my funds. not happy and returning two others to Bookstore. Thank goodness for refunds before you activate this product.

Brian · 6/17/2015
Only if you have no other choice

Even though the app downloads your books for offline use, accessing them is very slow. Turning pages takes a second, and searching takes entirely too long. Furthermore, you can only search the entire book at once, not a chapter at a time. The app is better than their web reader, but not by much. Simply clicking on a page opens up a "sticky note" dialog which also takes a while, so don't accidentally do that! If you click and drag, it highlights. All in all, the app is slow, somewhat unresponsive, and very basic. If it wasn't 100$ cheaper per text book for me to get them this way, I would look for a different option.

emmanuel · 10/2/2014
needs improvement

you cant even log in or create a new account this app is useless regardless how good the interface looks the old nook study was a better

Joaquin · 9/11/2014
Buy your book somewhere else

The app itself works pretty much the same as the website, but this service is just not good. There is no option for printing pages, it doesn't work on some browsers, it shows pages in a weird way(it usually shows you half of one page and half of another), there is no option for searching the book for a word or phrase, you can't select a sentence and copy and paste it, and overall it's just difficult to navigate. This is all stuff that exists in all other e-books I've bought; really regret buying my book from here.

Samantha · 8/16/2014
So Far Not So Good

I've literally only had this app for about two minutes, and I've already gotten an error when trying to create an account... really?! Hoping my school will switch to a different system soon.

Reviewer 8089 · 5/3/2015
never again

This is definitely not a Kindle app. It is clunky, page turning is slow. You have to resize the page ever time you change pages. I asked for a refund but decided not to take it and just try to see it through. The app was not user friendly. The think that really did it for me...my books were deleted One of which was purchased right before my final. I liked the nook app which this supposedly replaced. Maybe they should have kept that software.

sir r · 4/2/2015
keeping physical textbook publishers in business

this app and the web program are the most clunkiest, non intuitive snail-paced pieces of garbage. seriously, I am going to shell out the extra money in the future for any class textbook which uses yuzu for the e-version. the ONLY good feature about this is that the highlighting feature is simple and intuitive. they must have has someone else design that part. it seriously takes so long to turn a page, and sometimes it does not work, so I seriously have to check page numbers each time I turn because I don't know how many pages it has gone through. I still have yet to figure out if the 'search' feature actually works. bleh! 2 thumbs down!

Tara · 3/15/2015

This is my first semester back in school after a long hiatus. I love reading books on my kindle, so I figured I would have a good experience reading textbooks on Yuzu. Sadly, I've hated Yuzu. I use the app on my Surface Pro 3, and every single time I use it one or more of the following happens: the book does not open where I left off (even if I bookmarked it), pages won't load at all, or the "whoops! Application must close" message pops up and forces me off. Also, it doesn't sync with the web version, which I am sometimes forced to use when the app won't open or won't load a particular page. Even when pages do load, the wait to turn pages is interminable. I've decided that I will just have to shell out the money for books in future semesters because I simply cannot rely on Yuzu.

Benjamin · 2/9/2015
Don't usually do reviews but...

This app is just terrible, if you zoom in and go to next page it resets, it's laggy and not smooth, you can't even use the keyboard buttons to browse through the pages like the arrow keys, just feels like it doesn't even have the basic functions of a reader. How did nook get replaced by this??

Brett · 2/8/2015
Bad bugs, please fix this app

The app is really slow and pages tend to disappear and has crashed once. Not happy!



  • Create highlights, notes, and bookmarks. Your changes are automatically saved and made available to all of your apps
  • Search for key words or phrases
  • Navigate using the Table of Contents
  • Jump to a location by page number
  • Quickly return to recently viewed pages
  • Zoom fixed format content, or adjust the layout and fonts with re-flowable content
  • Download your digital content for later reading and adding notes while off-line

App details

Version notes

New Features and Enhancements * Improved performance in page turning. * Changes to your notes, highlights, and bookmarks are now automatically saved and synced to all your devices. * Create a note by right clicking on the page. * Page turning has been redesigned to be always available and easy to select. * Added Help for features and their keyboard commands. * Zoom in by selecting the zoom button on the toolbar or by using the new keyboard shortcuts. * New keyboard-based navigation commands assist in content reading. * Improved History navigation lists all recently visited pages. * What’s New dialog shows the latest changes. * You will be notified when the App Terms, Privacy Policy, or Copyright notice are updated. * Option to deauthorize, which deletes all the content from your device and removes the device from your Yuzu account. * Display toolbars by left clicking or tapping on the AppBar Hint control which has three dots at the bottom right of your screen. * Courses and Terms view has been removed. You can access all of your content from the Library. Fixes * Zoom will remain at the same level after turning a page. * When there are no search results, the Search message now displays "No Results." * Exclamation points are now included in search results.

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