• Read – view magazines in full color and high resolution, pinch to zoom in/out, swipe to turn pages, and switch between portrait & landscape view.
  • Shop – purchase subscriptions & single issues, discover special offers, and visit international stores.
  • Explore – discover and enjoy a selection of free articles from our most popular titles.
  • Library – download magazines for off-line access and manage your magazines using filters & archiving.
  • Table Of Contents – skip to articles directly from the table of contents.
  • Bookmarks – bookmark your favorite articles for instant access.
  • Auto-Download – automatically download your latest issues and delete old ones.
  • Text-View – switch to text view (where supported) for easy reading.
  • Live Tile – add Zinio to Start to see the latest articles and when your new issues have arrived.
  • Pin To Start – pin your favorite magazines to Start to allow instant access.
  • Other Platforms – magazines bought on Zinio can be read across other device platforms, see www.zinio.com for more information.

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Hurist · 6/13/2015
A Big Disappointment

I've seen this app in action on friend's iPads so thought it would be a great addition to the apps on my Windows. There is no way to zoom in and out to make it easier to read on the desktop app and movements between pages and magazines is just not fluid. I would have loved to like this app more but I just can't and won't. I'll definitely be looking for an alternative app and if one does not exist. But be sure I'll abandon this app all together.

GC · 6/9/2015
Poor resolution

Clearly wasn't optimized for high resolution tabs. Thanks for the headache,

Reviewer 1520 · 7/23/2015
Giant Step Back

The lack of ability to zoom, and to download for offline reading, has made this app nearly worthless for me.

Reviewer 7542 · 4/17/2015
Great cross platform, but unreliable offline

Zinio has a great selection of digital magazines, and I love that it's available on Windows and IOS. Unfortunately, I regularly experience issues when trying to read magazines offline on the airplane. Despite downloading fully in advance, and checking the downloads, virtually every time I get on a plane and try to read a magazine, I get errors on pages which results in a third of the magazine pages being black. I am very disappointed and frustrated that the app doesn't work well offline on either Windows or IOS.

Reviewer 8320 · 5/19/2015
Doesn't work on Windows Surface Pro 3

Stunningly lazy company that has a known (for months) issue with being able to sign in under windows 8.1 on the Surface Pro 3 - solution using Zinio 4 - ok, so go to a reader not designed for touch that uses all sorts of artificial controls to navigate their e-zine. Unmittigatingly lazy

Renato · 2/10/2015
iPad app sooooo much better - WHY???

Starting Zinio on W8.1 has the app immediately trying to connect with home, independent whether one is WiFi connected or not - hence, offline reading takes way too long until finally the library view appears - and then mostly with at least some if not all issues missing the thumbnails of the Magazine's front pages - HELLO!!! If no WiFi connection is present, the unit should instantly bring up your saved library with at least 16 magazine covers showing on the screen, similar to iPad. Strangely, most magazines show real blurry on full page view in W8.1, but not so on iOS!??!! Zion says to zoom in to get clear text. I care less for such annoying advise to circumvent this blurriness, or technical explanations why it is so under W8.1; JUST FIX IT! And while we are at it, why does the app not remember where I was in the library when I return from an opened magazine. It always goes back to try to establish a home connection before landing back at the top of the library. ANNOYING!!!!

Allen · 2/10/2015
Useless on windows 8.1

No provision to log in? Mind boggling. Can't then read items from public library that should appear here. Absolutely ridiculous.

Sungjun · 3/17/2015
Service sucks

This app completely fails to do its purpose. You can read the articles, but the resolution is awful. It fails to use the resolution provided by your hardware.

Reviewer 9594 · 7/8/2015
Are these apps not tested

I can't create a new signon account, 'there is a system failure'. This is so sad when Microsoft rushes to fill the app store with such poor quality apps.

Richard · 1/23/2015
Can't read the text

My resolution is set very high for photographic work. One can't read the magazine text. Provide a way to magnify it.

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