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Amanda · 8/3/2015

App seems to function well overall, but I will not be keeping it on my device. 1) Wish there were an option to remove or at least reduce the number of articles from certain content providers. This leads me to 2) For politics junkies, be aware that the content on Zite has a *heavy* left bias. Probably 50% of the articles were from Salon, with another 48% being anti-conservative content from others. Final 2% were actual objective or non-left analysis. So, app is neat, but wish there were a way to mitigate or change the bias.

John · 8/18/2014

Needs update.

jesus · 7/4/2014

Seriously needs an update especially for 1520 1/4 of the screen is not being used.

Wayne · 5/17/2014

Used to be essential. This app has suffered mightily recently. The in-app browser on WP8 has become unusable as most web pages will no longer load. Zite was my single most used app by an order of magnitude. Yesterday, I found myself searching for an alternative.

Brian · 12/17/2014

Sometimes I enjoy this over flipboard

Ricky · 10/26/2014

Great app. Only issue is that it often mixes in old blog posts with new ones which is a pain.

Chris · 9/12/2014

This is great app, unfortunately its developers are being one sided in its development and catering to only two types of platforms

Travis · 9/9/2014

I love that learns the news I want to see, but the mobilization of the stories is nonexistent and often you cannot follow links. Also I don't see how they make money. Update: After using on other platforms, this barely compares, but still my favorite.

Andrew · 9/3/2014

App needs updated bad. There is no integration with other apps like there is in ios and android versions. I love this app on other platforms this one just needs updated needs live tile too

TheBeard · 6/25/2014

With windows phone8.1 developer preview, you cannot press and hold on pictures to save or links to open in new window. Also clicking a link takes ages to open that new page, and then if you try to share that page, site shares the address of the original page, and you give now way of manually copying a pages address. !


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