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- Added support for Windows 8.1 - Bug fixes and improvements

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Nathan · 7/25/2015

Great app! Easy to use, great ui, and much preferred over Yelp.

Benjamin · 7/14/2015

Doesn't include menus. Price information is minimal at best really giving user no idea if you are headed to a ponderosa type steakhouse or something more like Ruth Chris. Needs better sorting by rating instead of just above 3.5 rating which doesn't sort much. A most popular, locals favorites, good bargain sections would be useful. Also should include if restaurant is one of a kind or a chain as I recently had only one restaurant of a particular name show up then found the one I was really looking for later about a mile away, but was too far off for the search area so I had gone to a branch of the original restaurant and not the original I was looking for.

Dio · 7/6/2015

Very cool and helpful app. Easy to use and clean

Jerome · 7/26/2015

Cool app. Very useful and informative for places you want to go

Neill · 7/24/2015

Great overall, but the estimated costs are way, way off in most cases.

Daniel Jorge · 6/28/2015

Excellent app. Really helps me in a daily basis.

Jeff · 6/27/2015

Clean, concise, informative, social, and vast. Couldn't ask for much more. Excellent work!

avishek · 6/12/2015

Now this is an update I can say..great development by the team..congratulations to some technical issues should be discussed. This version is the best version till date. Previous one was confusing from my point of view but this time developers made a bang. It's very smooth and very easy to find out your destination, easy to surfing,more options included..ultimately 5 * deserving update for sure.

Xianak · 6/24/2015

Nice app!! Keep up the good work!! Pls continue to add useful features!!

avinash · 6/10/2015

Highly recommended! Especially after the last update. Very usable app in all the cities. I commend the Zomato team for being true to the Windows design language and yet keep their distinct identity. The only frontier to strive is to expand the support to other cities.

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