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Elizabeth · 8/7/2015

This app has done what fitness crazed family and will power alone could not; running is something to look forward to. The missions are nice, but I love Radio Abel so much.

John · 12/30/2012

The dev's blog on Dec. 14 confirms they are no longer supporting WP. They say they're sorry to let us down. Well I'm sorry, but I will not be paying money for a dead-end app. It's attitudes like theirs that jeopardize this platform and turn their "WP isn't viable" excuse into a self fulfilling prophecy. If this attitude spreads, and, God forbid, wipes out my favorite smartphone OS, I will remember their decision and decline to buy apps from them on any other platform.

cornelius · 4/21/2014

Great app! More missions would be fantastic.

User · 2/27/2014

Really Fun jogging app, I have only used the trial version though.

Andy · 12/22/2013

I detest running and this app really makes the simple act of running enjoyable. Highly recommended.

M'n'M · 12/18/2013

I love this app! Just finished Mission 3. The radio DJs crack me up.

Jeff · 11/3/2013

DO NOT BUY THIS! They have abandoned the platform and have "no plans" to service, update or support Windows Phone. It should be noted that Runtastic Pro has just started a "Story Run" feature and they fully support Windows Phone.

Megan · 7/11/2013

Fun way to get exercise, with great storyline.

Nicholas · 7/9/2013

Fun and helps me push my limits!

Jenn · 6/30/2013

Really love this one! The stories are great and a real motivation on my runs. Wish using supplies to build the town had an actual impact on the story other than unlocking missions, but that's my only complaint.


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