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Signature Edition PCs

Most computers we sell are Signature Edition PCs, which means they're clean, fast, and protected

Signature Edition PC's running faster than Non Signature Edition PC's | PC édition Signature plus performant qu’un PC non Signature


Forget about any pre-installed junk that slows down your PC.

Signature edition computer showing a quick start up time | Ordinateur édition Signature montrant un temps de démarrage rapide


From startup to shut down, Signature PCs are the fastest around.

Signature Edition PC with extra security features | PC édition Signature avec fonctions de sécurité supplémentaires


Signature PCs come with Windows Defender, free anti-virus protection that never expires.

Generic Signature Edition PC's with longer battery life | PC édition Signature générique avec autonomie accrue

Longer battery life

In a side-by-side test, Signature PCs averaged 28 minutes longer than non-Signature PCs.1

Signature Edition PCs

If you're looking to buy a new PC, look no further. Browse our wide variety of laptops, desktops, tablets, ultrabooks, convertibles (2-in-1 PCs), and all-in-ones.

Microsoft Store has every kind of PC to fit your needs, with a variety of sizes, processors, battery life limits, and more.

While computer shopping, you'll come across our unique convertibles, the ideal combination of a laptop and tablet. You can position one of these PCs any way you like. Stand it upright like a laptop for easier scrolling or game playing, or hold it in your hands like a tablet when traveling. In addition, you can stand it up like a tent for convenient movie watching or other hands-free activities.

Discover our all-in-one PCs, which can be used like a desktop, laptop, or large tablet. Angle and position it however it's convenient for you and your immediate purpose, whether you're watching, creating, sharing, or relaxing.

[1] Microsoft testing showed overall improvements in the PCs running Signature compared to those without. The tests were done on exact same make/model of PCs with identical hardware configuration. Displayed differences are averages across seven PCs from seven different PC manufacturers. Actual PC with Signature battery life may vary. Your actual times may vary.