Surface Plus with Klarna Financing (the “Surface Plus Program”)

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Surface Plus with Klarna Financing (“Surface Plus Program”)?
After much thought and consideration, Microsoft decided to end new enrollment into the Surface Plus Program, financed by Klarna, effective August 31, 2018. For existing Surface Plus customers, please see the FAQs below and the Surface Plus Program terms and conditions.

I purchased a Surface/accessories through the Surface Plus Program. Does this affect my current financing plan with Klarna?
No. Your financing plan with Klarna remains unchanged. See the Klarna Customer Agreement for details or speak with the Klarna customer service team directly at 1-844-4KLARNA.

If I want to upgrade my Surface after 18 months, is this option still available?
Yes. After 18 months, if your Klarna account is in good standing with 18 monthly payments made on your 24-month plan and you return your original device in good working order you are eligible for an upgrade.  Upon reaching eligibility simply contact a Microsoft customer service representative at 1-844-834-8667 for more information. 

Does this affect my Surface warranty?
No. Whether you have the Microsoft Surface Standard Warranty or purchased Microsoft Complete for Surface extended warranty, both are still valid under their respective terms and conditions.

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns about my Klarna account?
Klarna representatives are available to assist you at

What happens at the end of the 24-month Surface Plus Program? 
Same as before. If you have paid your balance in full, your Surface and/or accessories are yours to keep.

What if I’m not interested in upgrading after 18 months?
That’s absolutely fine.  If you are not interested in upgrading after 18 months, simply continue with your monthly payments until month 24 and then the device is yours to keep.

Still have questions or concerns about the Surface Plus Program?
Our associates will be happy to help answer your questions or address any concerns you may have.  Please contact us directly at 1-844-834-8667 to speak directly with our customer service team.

What if I’m a Surface Plus for Business customer?
Surface Plus for Business is now called Surface All Access for Business—nothing has changed except the name itself. All program elements remain unchanged for existing customers. If you’re an existing customer, please visit us at Surface All Access for Business.