Computer running Visual Studio in vertical monitor | Ordinateur exécutant Visual Studio sur un moniteur vertical

Visual Studio is the most productive way to build modern apps for any platform

Visual Studio

Discover the perfect tool for software development with Microsoft Visual Studio on PC or Mac. Versions are available for teams of all sizes, including individual developers. Visual Studio 2017 is a fully-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for Android, iOS, Windows, web and cloud.

Expand your software development experience with Visual Studio Professional Subscription (formerly MSDN), ideal for those creating compelling consumer and business applications across devices and the cloud. It gives you the development tools you need, so you can use emerging web design patterns in one ASP.NET solution. In addition, you'll get powerful features, like CodeLens, which lets you stay focused on your work by showing code references, and changes to code. Use Xamarin to deliver native apps for Android, iOS and Windows through professional mobile development, code sharing, and debugging. And your subscription gives you access to core Microsoft software, as well as Azure, Pluralsight, and more.

Get even more with Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription, a powerful tool for teams collaborating on the development of apps for PCs, mobile, and the cloud. Manage complexity and close the loop between development and IT operations to deploy applications faster with enterprise DevOps capabilities. Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription is a cohesive solution for defining, creating, and operating your applications across platform stacks. And now, with tools like Enterprise Agile, you can manage work across projects and teams in a simple, productive environment. Furthermore, your subscriber benefits include monthly cloud credits, collaboration tools, training courses, professional support, and all the latest and greatest software and services from Microsoft.

For more robust reporting and powerful dashboards, bug and task tracking, and agile planning tools, check out Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.  Give your team the gift of organization, and you'll see success in no time. Find the most up-to-date features in Visual Studio software.

Explore all of the Visual Studio software available, and shop with confidence. At Microsoft Store,  you'll get free shipping and free returns on everything every day.