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[1] Valid for the supported lifetime of the device.

[2] Battery life varies with settings and usage.

The latest Windows 10 extends your creativity and productivity with immersive new realities, 3D storytelling, closer people connections, and cross-device experiences. Updates roll out automatically when your PC is ready or you can download the Update Assistant to be sure you’ve always got the latest and greatest features.

In Windows 10 we took your feedback seriously and have added the Start Menu once again. You can begin typing upon opening the Start menu to locate an app and launch it. Not only that, you can pin your favorites to the Start Menu or simply click on shortcuts you use frequently.

With Cortana, you can do web searches by simply typing a query like “Latest Surface Products” or “Where can I buy local honey?” You can use Cortana to conveniently set up reminders, add to your personal or work calendar, and more.

Included with Windows 10 is the ultimate browser, Microsoft Edge which gives you the ability to annotate webpages and articles, and even has Cortana integration.

Put simply, there are so many wonderful features available with Windows 10, you’ve got to see it to believe it!