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iQagent AR


Augmented Reality for your Plant Floor, Industrial space, or any data rich environment.

Each piece of equipment and process area at your facility has lots of data and resources associated with it that your staff needs to do their jobs. The problem is, these resources are scattered across in many different applications, and aren’t easily available where you need them most: standing right in front of the equipment. iQagent changes that.

iQagent allows you to create Points Of Interest, or POIs, to link a physical piece of equipment, asset or process space to its relevant data and resource from your existing plant systems, such as SCADA, HMI, Database, Microsoft SharePoint or other Electronic Document systems, CMMS, MES, ERP and others. iQagent POIs can include real time data from your PLC, SCADA or production databases, schematics, documents, videos, forms and other resources. Create POIs for all of your automation equipment, production lines, and process spaces. When workers are repairing, monitoring or maintaining equipment, they interact with the POI to get the information they need to do their job. All of the information you need is right where you want it, and You are "Hands Free" to do whatever work needs to be done.

How it works

The app can be used in either a demo mode (Internal Mode) or in conjunction with a “Live” mode system using the iQagent Server and Configuration tool installed in your plant.

Internal Mode allows you to learn how the app functions and to experience how you can view the data and documentation of a typical plant floor using Mixed Reality.

In Live Mode, You will create and configure your very own Points of Interest that include live process data (via OPCDA, OPCUA and ODBC) and schematics, forms, videos, and other electronic resources. Once created, these points of interest can be placed anywhere in virtual space, adjusted, resized and ready for use.


1. Works with existing iQagent installations.
2. Create and Add Holographic POI objects to any equipment or process area for instant access to relevant PLC or SCADA data, schematics, documents, forms or videos.
3. Scan existing iQagent POI (QR) Codes to access related POI object
4. Add holographic single data point values near sensors or data sources
5. Add holographic links to documents forms or videos.
6. POIs and objects remain where you left them between iQagent sessions.

Augmented and Mixed Reality is the future of the plant floor. Stay ahead of the curve and try iQagent AR free today.



Haro3D is an interface for the easy development of applications for the Hololens using LabVIEW from National Instruments and the Hololens. Haro3D is mainly aimed at scientists and engineers already familiarized with LabVIEW. Haro3D is an application running on the Hololens that communicates through the network with a LabVIEW application running on a separate computer.

The Haro3D Hololens app combined with the Haro3D library provides interactivity of Hololens users with a LabVIEW application through manipulations, voice commands, and menus; upload of LabVIEW 3D objects in the Hololens space, and real time display of front panels of LabVIEW VIs and controls. The Haro3D app also provides the ability, through LabVIEW, to share holograms between multiple Hololens using a common coordinate system.
The Haro3D app running on the Hololens requires that the computer running LabVIEW has the Haro3D library version 2 installed. The Haro3D library version 2 requires LabVIEW 2016 or later, 32 or 64 bit version. LabVIEW must be installed before installing the Haro3D library. The Haro3D library can be installed for a 30-day free trial from National Instruments LabVIEW Tools Network (, by simply using the link vipm://harotek_lib_haro3d, or by searching for Haro3D in the VIPM application from JKI.

See videos about the Haro3D library on HaroTek’s youtube channel:

Get information, ask questions, and see examples on National Instruments 3D Vision virtual group:

CAD Explorer


The next generation of co-collaboration with Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality is here.

CAD Explorer Preview is designed to be easy to use for everyone who wants to explore complex structured models in Windows Mixed Reality and/or the HoloLens within a Shared Experience. With a few clicks, you can convert your CAD data into 3D holograms, using Mixed Reality devices, and start collaborating on multiple platforms.

To start a session simply use the Demo-Mode or upload your personal CAD data. Find the setup-guide at

Move, Rotate, Explode, Slice and Scale the holographic projected model in your Real-Life Environment with the HoloLens, or dive into a complete digital space in Mixed Reality to view and work on your data. You can easily adjust the projection with just one hand or make use of the ergonomic controller.

CAD Explorer's primary design focus is optimized to enjoy a Shared Experience.
Collaborate on the data together in one room with two HoloLenses, or bring in more people from all over the world, wearing a Microsoft Mixed Reality Head-Mounted-Display (HMD). We support up to 16 users to be in the same experience at the same time.

What makes CAD Explorer Preview so convenient is its easy-to-use interface. Upload your FBX, OBJ, or STL files via our web interface and have it within your digital space in seconds. One of the main challenges and the most work-intensive process is the creation and reduction of the polygons for your CAD files which is required to turn your data into holograms. We developed a solution that does the heavy lifting for you and is even equipped with a healing feature to clean your meshes. Simply start a session and begin collaborating.

This Technical Preview will allow you to experience three pre-loaded Demo CAD-Model on your own. To give you an idea of our customizable capabilities we have added some extra functionalities. Get curious and dive right in!

Technical Preview Features:

♦ Create a HoloSpace to upload your own data, transforming it into a hologram
♦ Move, Rotate, Scale, Slice & Explode in real time
♦ Manipulate the model with your fingertips
♦ Automated Polygon Creation & Reduction
♦ Stable Single & Shared Experience
♦ Full Mixed Reality and HoloLens support

Please note:
This is a Technical Preview and still in development. To further improve this application we constantly roll-out updates with new features & fixes (app content might be subject to change). You can participate with your feedback to help us improve this application.

Are you interested in this app as a company? Do you want your data on your own and private server? Or do you need a branded venue in your digital space?
Get in touch:

Any trouble? Please don't hesitate to contact us:

HoloLens D3D Keyboard


Full-size 3D keyboard utility made for Microsoft HoloLens app developers, for D3D build, enabling in-App username / password / url entries. Demos video: v1.2:

New features added in v1.2, thanks to your feature requests:
1. Scale up/down voice commands
2. Leave / remove note voice commands
3. Visual feedback for tapping any key
4. Special key symbols replacing "shf", "spc", "bs", and "rt"
5. Re-arranged high-usage keys to optimize user experience

Hand-crafted keyboard includes: uppercase, lowercase, digits, and most symbols available on standard English keyboards. Special keys: "⇧": Shift; "␣": Space; "⇦": Backspace; "⏎": Return, starting on a new line. Non-special keys can be easily customized in Unity without coding.

Built-in with Show/Hide (green) button and Move/Pin voice commands for HoloLens.

This App starts with a test scene for demonstration purposes using Gaze, Gesture, and Voice with this keyboard utility on HoloLens.


Look at a key steadily such that the circular “Gaze” cursor is on the key, and perform an air tap “Select” gesture. There should be a typing sound and visual cue as feedback.

Voice commands:
1. “Move keyboard”: Keyboard will be placed at a distance of 1.5 metre in front of you, while facing you and following your movement.
2. “Pin keyboard”: Keyboard will stop moving and stay where it was in space.
3. “Scale up keyboard”: Keyboard will scale up by 10% (i.e. new scale = old scale * 1.1)
4. “Scale down keyboard”: Keyboard will scale down by 9.09% (i.e: new scale = old scale/1.1)
5. “Leave note”: A copy of current text will be created and left in the holographic space.
6. “Remove note” while gazing at the top row of a previously left note: The note will be removed.

Special keys:
“⇧” (formerly “shf”): Shift between lowercase and uppercase keyboard displays and inputs;
“␣” (formerly “spc”): Space;
“⇦” (formerly “bs”): Backspace;
“⏎” (formerly “rt”): Return, starting on a new line;
“done” green button: Shows / Hides the keyboard.

Showing 181 - 270 of 343 results