Angelo Badalamenti


3/22/1937 (82 years old)

Composer Angelo Badalamenti is best known for scoring the work of David Lynch, particularly the theme for the TV melodrama, Twin Peaks (1990-91). Badalamenti was classically trained, but made his living in the 1950s, playing the Catskills resorts. He then went on to write songs for advertisements and to arrange and write songs for such entertainers as Shirley Bassey and Mel Tillis. He began writing songs for films in 1973 and billed himself as Andy Badale. Though he continued composing through the '80s, it was not until 1986 when he ended up writing the affecting score for Lynch's Blue Velvet that he became well known.


César Awards

2005 Nominee
Best Music Written for a Film
1996 Nominee
Best Music Written for a Film

Golden Globe

2000 Nominee
Best Original Score - Motion Picture