Betsy Russell


9/6/1963 (57 years old) San Diego, California

Gen-X aficionados of B-cinema will invariably associate Betsy Russell with a number of memorable low-budget leads that she tackled in the 1980s. These included a turn as Jordan in the sex farce Private School (1983), the lead character of Tommy Boyd -- a mechanic-turned-racecar driver -- in Herb Freed's sexploitationer Tomboy (1985), and "honor student by day, Hollywood hooker by night" Molly Stewart (aka Angel) in Robert Vincent O'Neil's lurid crime thriller Avenging Angel (1985). After similar assignments scattered throughout the late '90s and early 2000s, Russell rebounded as a scream queen in the torture-themed horror outings Saw III (2006) and Saw IV (2007).