David Schofield


A native of Manchester, England, born in 1951, actor David Schofield grew up in a working-class family as one of 10 children, and first caught the drama bug at age 12 at an all-boy's school located in his hometown. Deeply interested in the theater, Schofield began not on-stage but in the wings, taking backstage positions at a local repertory theater that included waiting tables, making tea, building props, sweeping the stage, and -- ultimately -- scripting plays. At age 19, Schofield left this establishment to enroll in London's legendary Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and soon began regularly accepting professional roles with a much heavier emphasis on theater than film; in fact, Schofield frequently performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company and at theaters in the West End of London. He moved into film work in the early '70s and thereafter maintained a steady output of assignments in films and on television. Memorable features included Ridley Scott's Best Picture-winner Gladiator (2000), the Hughes Brothers' Jack the Ripper thriller From Hell (2001), the elaborate fantasy-adventure Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), and the Tom Cruise-produced World War II thriller Valkyrie (2008). Series (mostly British) that featured Schofield in recurring or guest capacities included The Bill, Our Friends in the North, and Holby City.