Felicity Huffman


12/9/1962 (58 years old) Bedford, New York, United States

The energetic Huffman began her career off-Broadway with the prestigious Atlantic Theater Company, cofounded by playwright David Mamet and actor William H. Macy. Both men ended up playing important roles in Huffman's life. Mamet cast her in her first film (1988's Things Change), and Macy became her husband and frequent collaborator. In the '90s the versatile actress worked consistently (if somewhat anonymously) in dramas and comedies on stage and screen, notably the cult TV series Sports Night. But in 2004 she became a household name playing high-strung mom Lynette Scavo on Desperate Housewives, and she soon won an Emmy for her efforts. A year after beginning that series, Huffman proved that she was also a formidable film talent with her turn as a pre-op transsexual in the indie hit Transamerica, which earned her a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination. One of her most memorable acceptance speeches was for her 2005 Emmy speech, in which she expressed her gratitude for husband by saying, "I would like to thank the incomparable William H. Macy for taking a chunky 22-year-old with a bad perm and glasses out into a cow pasture and kissing me and making me his wife." Together, she and Macy have two daughters, and she and her husband also participate in the Malibu Triathlon, which raises funds for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Another cause Huffman is passionate about is pet adoption, and she often lends her support to campaigns supporting this movement.

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