Hans Conried



A radio actor in the mid '30s, Conried began acting in films by the end of the decade. Initially typed in sinister or Nazi roles, with such films as Orson Welles and Norman Foster's Journey Into Fear and Edward Dmytryk's Hitler's Children, Conried's great gift was for comedy, with such films as George S. Kaufman's satire The Senator Was Indiscreet; the Dr. Seuss musical adaptation The 5,000 Fingers Of Dr. T., produced by Stanley Kramer; and Jerry Lewis' The Patsy. Conried also played numerous comic roles on television, including the memorable Uncle Tonoose on The Danny Thomas Show from 1958-64, and supplied voices for cartoons such as The Bullwinkle Show from 1961-62, and as Captain Hook in the Disney animated feature Peter Pan(1953).