Harold Ramis

Actor, Director, Writer

1944-2014. Chicago, Illinois, United States

After college Ramis spent two years as an associate editor of Playboy, primarily screening jokes received from readers. In 1970 he began writing for the celebrated Second City improvisational comedy troupe of Chicago, remaining there three years. He next moved to New York, where he worked as a writer and performer for the "National Lampoon Radio Hour" and the theater revue The National Lampoon Show. From there he joined the cast of the TV sketch-comedy series "SCTV." He broke into movies as the co-writer of the blockbuster comedy Animal House (1978). Since then he has acted in, written, and/or directed numerous films, including the wildly successful Ghostbusters (1984). He debuted onscreen in Stripes (1981), which he also co-wrote.

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