James Gammon


1940-2010. Newman, Illinois

Gravel-voiced, American character actor James Gammon was first seen on screen as Sleepy in Cool Hand Luke (1967). Looking like a Frederic Remington painting come to life, Gammon has been a welcome presence in many a western feature, notably Silverado (1985), Wyatt Earp (1994) and Wild Bill (1995). His earthy screen persona is flexible enough to accommodate both avuncularity (team manager Lou Brown in the two Major League films) and menace (Horsethief Shorty in 1988's Milagro Beanfield War). Gammon has been a regular on two TV series, playing roadside diner habitue Rudy in Bagdad Café (1990) and divorced, laid-off paterfamilias Dave Nelson in Middle Ages (1992). When not appearing before the cameras, James Gammon has kept busy as a California community-theatre director.